Belgium’s Blanche is your favourite to win Semi-Final One of Eurovision 2017


In her song, she asks “are we going to lose it all?” But y’all think Belgium’s Blanche is heading straight for victory in tonight’s Eurovision 2017 first semi-final.

Back on March 20, we asked you which of the 18 acts taking part in tonight’s semi you wanted to see win. With over 28,161 votes cast in total, it was the young Belgian starlet who got your seal of approval. She took 3,507 votes, over 12% of the total.

In last night’s jury final, Blanche finally seemed to come alive on stage. She channeled her emotions and fragility in to passion — from a weakness to a strength.

Second place in our poll goes to Armenia’s Artsvik. The “Fly With Me” singer has wowed many of the ground in Kyiv with her high-art performance during rehearsals.

She’s clearly a favourite who fans around the world too. She polled just under 10% with 2,772 votes in total.

In third place is the show’s opening act. Robin Bengtsson will perform “I Can’t Go On” for Sweden. 2,560 of you clearly want him to keep on going though, as he polled around 9% of the total votes cast.

Fourth place goes to Portugal’s Salvador Sobral — the bookies favourite for the win — with 2,140 votes. Rounding out the top five is Azerbaijan’s Dihaj. Her avant-garde staging of “Skeletons” has certainly raised eyebrows in Kyiv, and 2,058 of you wanted to see her win the semi-final for it.

Poll Results: Who should win Semi-Final One of Eurovision 2017?

  1. Belgium: Blanche, “City Lights” — 12.45% (3,507 votes)
  2. Armenia: Artsvik, “Fly With Me” — 9.84% (2,772 votes)
  3. Sweden: Robin Bengtsson, “I Can’t Go On” — 9.09% (2,560 votes)
  4. Portugal: Salavador Sobral, “Amar pelos dois” — 7.6% (2,140 votes)
  5. Azerbaijan: Dihaj, “Skeletons” — 7.31% (2,058 votes)
  6. Poland: Kasia Mos, “Flashlight” — 7.09% (1,996 votes)
  7. Greece: Demy, “This is Love” — 6.53% (1,839 votes)
  8. Australia: Isaiah, “Don’t Come Easy” — 4.83% (1,359 votes)
  9. Latvia: Triana Park, “Line” — 4.78% (1,345 votes)
  10. Iceland: Svala, “Paper” — 4.75% (1,338 votes)
  11. Finland: Norma John, “Blackbird” — 4.53% (1,277 votes)
  12. Cyprus: Hovig, “Gravity” — 4.36% (1,228 votes)
  13. Albania: Lindita, “World” — 4.07% (1,146 votes)
  14. Moldova: SunStroke Project, “Hey, Mamma” — 4% (1,126 votes)
  15. Georgia: Tamara Gacheciladze, “Keep the Faith” — 3.68% (1,036 votes)
  16. Montenegro: Slavko Kalezic, “Space” — 2.52% (710 votes)
  17. Czech Republic: Martina Barta, “My Turn” — 1.77% (499 votes)
  18. Slovenia: Omar Naber, “On My Way” — 0.8% (225 votes)

Total Votes Cast: 28,161

Based on the results, our readers think that Belgium, Armenia, Sweden, Portugal, Azerbaijan, Poland, Greece, Australia, Latvia and Iceland will qualify tonight.

That means an exit for Finland, Cyprus, Albania, Moldova, Georgia, Montenegro, Czech Republic and Slovenia. Is there a chance the “Blackbird” won’t be singing on Saturday night?

What do you think of the poll results — do you think that Blanche will triumph in tonight’s semi-final? Could Artsvik fly high? And will any of the bottom eight acts still qualify? Let us know all your thoughts in the comments section below!

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