Portugal’s Salvador Sobral on Eurovision: “I’m not nervous, I know the melody, I know the lyrics”


His older sister Luisa stood in for him at rehearsals in Kyiv last week and there are murmurs he’ll achieve Portugal’s best Eurovision result ever with his left-field jazz track “Amar Pelos Dois”. And on Sunday Salvador Sobral arrived in Ukraine, taking the time to chat with wiwibloggs as he walked the red carpet with his sister and delegation. 

Despite being half a continent away from one another for the past week, Salvador revealed there isn’t too much distance between the siblings. Although they weren’t friends in their youth, they’ve grown close in their teenage years, particularly after Luisa moved stateside.

“When she moved to the United States, for the first time in my life I missed her. She was 16, I was 14 and I thought this is strange, missing my sister.”

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The dynamic duo are back together now though and together coordinating Portugal’s bid to win the contest for the first time. Luisa wrote the song and has stood in at rehearsals, helping the production team perfect things for Salvador to take the stage tonight during the jury rehearsal and at tonight’s live first semi-final. Making changes without being in the arena might sound complicated, but it turns out Salvador takes it all in his stride.

“It was very smooth, you don’t know me, but I’m very smooth. She’s the one actually who says, we should do thiswe should do that.”

He also took the opportunity to address rumours he’s been critical of other songs in the competition.

“When it’s good music that has good lyrical content, like Italy, that has a super powerful message I like it.”

Salvador Sobral at Eurovision 2017

He won’t have long to wait and see if he’ll achieve Portugal’s best result at the contest. Salvador is performing “Amar Pelos Dois” ninth this evening in Semi-final 1, sandwiched between Azerbaijan’s ethnic anthem “Skeletons” and Greece’s Eurodance number “This Is Love”.