Czech Republic’s Martina Bárta started rehearsals inside the International Exhibition Centre way back on April 30. And tonight the lovely brunette finally takes the stage during Semi-Final 1 with the song with “My Turn“.

The 28-year-old singer stunned us with her stage costume — a gold tin-foil outfit that smacked of intergalactic fashion. And afterwards she slipped into an urban hip hop outfit, including a hat with My Turn in reverse, showing us she can do street just as well as woman in outer space.

It seems the hat was there to make life easier.

“It’s good when you can’t wash your hair,” Martina revealed. “You can just put it on and the greasy hair disappears!”

Martina Bárta: First rehearsal interview

Martina also told us the story behind her costume: “I am like a golden finger on the stage! It’s a costume designed by Zoltán Tóth, a very talented young guy from Slovakia. He won couple of weeks a go a Prague Fashion Week award.”

“When we started to cooperate together, he asked me, ‘Martina, what would you like to wear?’. I love female suits and I told him, ‘I don’t want to have an evening dress, an evening gown. Try to make something creative’.”

The songstress talked about how she felt during her very first rehearsal in Kyiv. Apparently size intimidates her.

“I was really nervous today for the rehearsal because everything is so huge and so big.”

“It’s not only a challenge for me, it’s like a big experience. I can tell you I learn from every performance.”

And what does her team make of all the flesh on her LED?

“They talked about the display of lights and they wanted to pick up certain things from the video, like those bodies, the people, and I should be like a storyteller.”

“When I sing the song, I think about one person that is important to me.”

“It should be like, when I start on the stairs, ‘For the very, very first time’, I just think about the person. And then I go, there is a light and I follow the light.”

“And I remember the moments I spent with this person and then I open the certain part of the stage, like, ‘Baby it’s you’. And then I turn to left and then there is in the middle, ‘Baby it’s you’… But in my mind I have a little story that will keep in my mind when I go to the stage.”

Martina was also full of praise for the other contestants. “It’s really very nice because we’re like a big music family. I’m really glad when I can speak to the people.

“Because at first, you listen to their songs, at first you watch their music videos and you can only imagine the person. And then you are face-to-face, you can speak to them.”

If you want to hear more from Martina – such as who are the friends she has made during her Eurovision experience – watch the entire interview on our official YouTube channel.

Do you think Martina Bárta can qualify from tonight’s semi-final? Let us know all your thoughts in the comments section below!

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5 years ago

sorry for her nonqualification

Music is the key
Music is the key
5 years ago

Underrated song – I agree.

One of the better ballads this year. A simple, honest subtle, jazzy ballad. I could wish for it to be a bit MORE jazzy. But still good. A nice credible effort.

Nice with a singer who “jazz things up”- directly speaking 🙂 We need more jazz music in ESC. Good luck for the future Martina! You have a great voice and stage pressence

5 years ago

She’s so underrated. The atmosphere on the stage that she creates is so special. I want her to qualify! Please! You have my votes, Martina <3

5 years ago

I want Czech Rep. to do well, so Slovakia might be back.