Estonia: Why didn’t Koit Toome & Laura qualify for the Eurovision final?


They’re the Estonian duo who gave Shakespeare rhythm during the second semi-final of Eurovision 2017.

But unfortunately for Koit Toome & Laura, their song “Verona” failed to light Europe’s fire on Thursday and the telegenic pair went crashing out of the semis.

As the smoke cleared fans remained in shock that the pair of Eurovision veterans had come up short. A firm qualifier according to both the bookies and voters in our Semi-Final 2 fan poll, the duo now have the unfortunate title of “fan wank”. But what went wrong?

REACTION: Estonia’s Koit & Laura

When Twitter user @EuroGuyXX expressed his dismay over Estonia’s early exit, @jkp66fi offered up an explanation for the result.

“Estonia was way too cheesy a presentation,” he writes. “I liked the song but Laura was like a wax doll and Koit’s facial expressions were hilarious.”

Indeed, we’ve frequently compared the couple — who lack any discernible chemistry — to mannequins. They’re beautiful but somewhat stiff. Yet we were able to look past that in our assessment, and even thought that their lack of fire nicely conveyed the distance in their characters’ troubled relationship.

Twitter user @Tyrone_Jones wasn’t particularly surprised that Europe snubbed the Estonians. He questioned their vocals, their song, their staging and Koit’s face.

Many of the commenters on our Semi-Final 2 results post agreed that something wasn’t quite right — and it usually came down to Koit.

Speaking of the male singer, Aurelian Tamisan wrote: “the guy was hilarious and the song didn’t say too much.”

Jake said: “I LOVE the Estonian song but that performance and the looks he gave the camera were beyond cheesy.”

What’s your assessment? Should Estonia have gone through? What went wrong? Let us know in the comments box below.