Poll results: Italy’s “Occidentalli’s Karma” is your favourite non-English entry


In this year’s sea of 42 acts, a handful stand out for the way they work their tongue. And by tongue we mean their native language. Italy’s Francesco Gabbani, France’s Alma, Portugal’s Salvador Sobral, Hungary’s Joci Papai, Belarus’ Naviband and Spain’s Manel Navarro have all chosen to sing all or at least a majority of their song in a language other than English. To them we say bonjour, ciao and hola! 

Earlier in the spring we launched a poll asking you to have a listen — Google Translate optional — and to let us know your favourites. After counting 7,445 votes, we can now reveal that Italy’s “Occidentalli’s Karma” is your favourite non-English song of Eurovision 2017.

Francesco Gabbani: “Occidentalli’s Karma” dress rehearsal

Francesco amassed 2,164 votes — or around 29% of the overall vote. We’ve evolved from the ape — and our readers are feeling that connection.

The Italian singer and his gorilla secured 500 more votes than runner-up Alma from France.

A total of 1,629 of you wanted to smile in the middle of a “Requiem” with the French starlet. That’s around 22% of the total vote.

Alma “Requiem” dress rehearsal

Rounding out the top three is the Portuguese sensation Salvador Sobral, who received 1,490 votes, or around 20% of the overall vote.

The oddsmakers are currently going crazy for Portugal — he’s narrowing on Italy for the win. And our readers will surely be happy because of that.

Salvador Sobral: “Amar pelos dois” dress rehearsal

Hungary’s Joci Pápai came fourth in the poll. His ethno number “Origo” convinced 1,011 of you. That translates to around 14% of the total vote for the Romani singer.

Joci Pápai: “Origo” dress rehearsal

In fifth place there’s Belarus’ Naviband. Their happy-clappy “Historija mayho zyccia” received 873 votes — around 12%.

Naviband: “Story of my life” dress rehearsal

Last but not least, Spain’s Manel Navarro finished in sixth place, with 278 votes or around 4%.

Manel Navarro: “Do it for your lover” rehearsal

Here are the full results:


Do you agree with our poll? Which of these six acts will place the highest on Saturday? Can any of them win? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section below!