Eurovision’s worst dressed? Montenegro’s Slavko Kalezic wins Barbara Dex Award 2017


He’s the outlandish Montenegrin singer who wore a four-foot hair extension during his outré and totally original performance at Eurovision 2017.

And on Sunday — nearly two weeks after his semi-final — Slavko Kalezic continued to make waves as he won the infamous Barbara Dex Award, which honours Eurovision’s worst-dressed contestant.

The long-running prize pays homage to Belgium’s 1993 contestant, who famously made the mistake of sewing her own costume and ended up looking like a lampshade. This year, and for the first time, it was handed out by, who took over from the Dutch founders Rob and Edwin at the House of Eurovision following the 2016 edition.

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If you’re going to do crazy you have to commit. And Montenegro’s Slavko Kalezic did just that during Eurovision 2017, turning his man-braid into the centre of his over-the-top and ultimately uplifting performance.

The X Factor Adria star turned up and turned out, wearing a translucent, skintight black top that showed off his abs of steel. During the song’s introduction he wore his blue-ish Venus skirt from the music video, before stripping it off to reveal black spray-on leggings with turquoise highlights. They clung to each of his gym-honed contours, showing just how hard he works for that body. He added extra intrigue with a series of gold accent necklaces that dangled from his waist over his genitalia. Thoughtful and considered, the look is a masterpiece to some and a train wreck to others. Such is the life of an artist.

The standout accessory, of course, was his hair braid, which he whipped around as he slut-dropped and giddied across the stage. At one point he even swept the floor with it, proving just how versatile fake hair is.

Speaking to wiwibloggs after his first rehearsal, the actor and singer said that the hairpiece conveyed much more than a penchant for weave.

“That is part of my Eurovision character that shows superpower, that shows energy,” he said. “I got this inspiration from Japanese culture, but also Montenegrin.”

During the first semi-final, televoters ranked him 11th out of 18 acts, almost putting him through to the final. Unfortunately the jury wasn’t so keen, putting him down in 16th position. has not revealed the full voting results.

However, they did share the top three fashion disasters, as voted by their readers.

Slavko held off stiff competition from runner-up Triana Park from Latvia and bronze medalist Martina Barta from Czech Republic.

Triana Park, fronted by the gorgeous Agnese, seemed to meld skater chic with clown couture, resulting in something wildly colourful and out-there.

Agnese wore thigh-high glitter boots, a black bodice with skeletal detailing, and two acid-blonde pony tails. It was very harajuku girl on an acid trip.

For her part, Martina Barta wore a loose-fitting gold lamé jumpsuit, which at once reminded us of a pest exterminator from the year 2046, and a finely cooked rotisserie chicken.

Eurovision’s Worst Dressed: The wiwibloggs poll

The Top 3 seem like deserving winners, at least if our independent poll is anything to go by.

Separate to the official Barbara Dex Award, we ran a poll to see who our readers thought was was the biggest fashion disaster of the year.

We received more than 11,500 votes and our Top 3 match the Barbara Dex Top 3 perfectly, suggesting Europe is in thorough agreement.

Do you think that Slavko deserved to win the award? Would you have placed Latvia and Czech Republic in the Top 3? Let us know in the comments box below.

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