“Karma is karma” — Eneda Tarifa takes a dig at Lindita over Eurovision 2017 performance


Divas don’t forget — and Albania’s Eurovision 2016 star Eneda Tarifa has made that much clear on national television.

Over the weekend the “Fairytale” singer appeared on Albania’s “Xing me Ermalin” chat show, and the host asked her what she thought about Lindita’s performance at Eurovision 2017. Lindita and Eneda, you’ll remember, are frenemies, who, in recent years, have exchanged Eurovision jabs on social media.

“Lindita did the impossible, it was a great performance,” she said.

Then the famed comedian, known for her comic timing, pulled out her knife.

“That’s all, now should I say the truth?”

“You already have attacked Lindita once with a Facebook post,” the host says.

“No, in fact,” Eneda replies. “It wasn’t an attack, but it was a response because in the beginning she attacked me. I just wanted to say that positions change, and you should be careful. KARMA is KARMA!”

Let’s rewind.

Everything started at the end of 2015, when Eneda won “Festivali i Kenges” with “Peralle”. Shortly afterwards Lindita said that “people are tired of depressing, dramatic and shouty songs.”

“We live in a time where we want rhythm, relaxation and happiness, to forget problems,” she added. “Enough with depressing songs!! They are old-fashioned now. It seems like we always hit the replay button.”

Fast forward to the end of 2016 — when Lindita won FiK — and Eneda pointed out that Lindita’s winning song “Böte” was itself a bit dramatic.

Writing on Facebook she said: “Isn’t it time to bring back last year’s status, lovely Lindita?”

We’ll now have to wait and see if Lindita issues a response of her own. All we can say is this: Lindita and Eneda wowed us both with their vocals, and we love the clear fire and passion they share. Why not put those voices together in a nuclear duet? Let’s do this!

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