Poll: What was your favourite Eurovision postcard in 2017?


Post-Eurovision Depression is in full swing. But today we deal with it by revisiting the Eurovision 2017 postcards. The concept of each postcard was a day in the 42 artists’ life, before stepping on the big Eurovision stage.

We caught a glimpse of the artists’ lifestyle, hobbies, and even an unexpected pregnancy announcement via Jana Burceska. We also met some of the stars’ families and friends, saw their homes and recording studios, and felt what it’s like to be in front of an adoring audience. We saw them training, going out with friends, reading and walking their pets. We saw them hugging their children and writing songs. We saw them as they are.

While many of the postcards were shot in their respective countries, some were filmed in Ukraine, while Moldova’s SunStroke Project, for instance, shot their postcard in Amsterdam ahead of Eurovision in Concert, due to budget constraints. The beginning and the end of all 42 postcards were filmed in Ukraine, in a studio resembling a backstage. The artists, wearing their Eurovision outfits, were then joined by their teams, who were getting them ready for the big stage.

Who made you smile? Which postcard has stuck in your mind after all this time? And who should follow in the footsteps of last year’s winner, Michal Szpak? You can rewatch all of the 40-second clips in the playlist above. Then vote for your favourite postcard (or postcards!) in our poll below.

You can vote for as many postcards as you want, but you can only vote once, so make it count! We will announce the results in 10 days time. After you cast your vote, you can defend your choice in the comment box below. Also, please tell us what your thoughts are about this year’s postcards compared to previous years!

Eurovision 2017: Rehearsal outtakes, bloopers, behind the scenes