They entered Eurovision 2017 with Epic Sax Guy — the always-thrusting and totally endearing saxophone player who became an Internet sensation following Eurovision 2010.

And now it seems that multiplying his epicness on their LED was a wise move, as our readers have named Moldova’s SunStroke Project as the act that best used their own image on the LED wall at Eurovision 2017.

Our poll, which attracted more than 4,500 votes, saw the Moldovan three-piece see off the competition with ease, earning 25% of all votes, or one in every four.

Their stage show, which had us moving from the very first rehearsal, turned the stage into a proper party, with the LED presenting an infinite series of Epic Sax Guys (and Epic Violin Guys) dancing as their real-life counterparts did the same.

The dazzling effect gave the catchy song an appropriately cheery backdrop, helping the group achieve Moldova’s best-ever finish at the contest.

But they understand that overexposure can limit the impact of any effect, so they only deployed it selectively during their eye-popping stage show.

Australia’s Isaiah Firebrace came second in our poll with 16% of all votes.

He created a technicolour dreamscape utilising his own image — Isaiah looking to camera, Isaiah in free fall — in gorgeous shades of blue and pink.

Israel’s Imri Ziv, who sang that his beloved was “breaking him to pieces”, finished third. He mirrored his lyrical disintegration by breaking apart on the LED wall. Drama!

Best LED selfie: Full results

  1. Moldova’s Sunstroke Project (Epic Sax Guy) 1,119 votes, 24.82%
  2. Australia’s Isaiah Firebrace, 703 votes, 15.59%
  3. Israel’s Imri Ziv 628 votes, 13.93%
  4. Croatia’s Jacques Houdek 621 votes, 13.78%
  5. FYR Macedonia’s Jana Burceska 491 votes, 10.89%
  6. Estonia’s Koit Toome & Laura 418 votes, 9.27%
  7. Malta’s Claudia Faniello 267 votes, 5.92%
  8. Montenegro’s Slavko Kalezic 261 votes, 5.79%

As we note in our video above, three other artists utilised their own image — Cyprus’ Hovig (levitating body), Greece’s Demy (body in waterfall) and Norway’s JOWST (on-screen face effects).

We did not include these artists in the poll. Cyprus’ image could have been seen as a generic body, and indeed their was no visible face. Greece’s floating hologram made only a brief appearance and seemed to approximate rather than mirror Demy. And Norway’s effect was on the TV screen rather than the LED wall.

Which is your favourite? Do you hope to see more artists using their own image? Or do you think it’s all rather vain? Let us know in the comments box below. 

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Nooo, I compeletely disagree with this :/ For me, Moldova was sooooo overated this year. It shoulldn’t have been in top 10 even in top 3 (it’s unimaginable). The led screen also wasn’t enough interesting or deserved to win this poll. I am so disappointed. For me, the winner of this poll is Australia, Isaiah. It’s really nice and pleasant. Sasha Jan Baptist knows how to play with song and stage.
My Top 10 from this year is.
10. Hungary
9. Poland
8. The Netherlands
7. The United Kingdom
6. Italy
5. Armenia
4. Belgium
3. France
2. Denmark
1. Portugal (I voted for this 2 times)


Why ”Amar pelos dois” has more meaningful lyrics? Is about a guy who loves somebody that doesn’t want him. So what is so important about that?
”Hey Mamma” is about a guy whose mother-in-law beats him with a paddle, and whose girlfriend wants to smash his eggs. Those are real problems for a man.
Get over yourselves those who attack any upbeat song, as if ”Amar pelos dois” has a meaning just because Salvador is not wanted by his dream girl.


If you think the big problems of this life are what “Hey Mamma!” expresses, then I’m sorry, but I can’t help but guess you are 10 years old.


You can’t understand a joke, but Portuguese song is still random.


Maria Menounos the presenter of Eurovision 2006 has brain cancer.


Good choice. I think it was actually the sole selfy led that actually had a purpose in the staging. The others were mere distractions.


I think Moldova used it appropriately, and Croatia for the “freak show”. FYR Macedonia used it because of the music video.
I don’t think it helped with the other acts.

Kinda sad that Jana and her team wanted to do something different.
The tech limitation and the wrong camera angles affected several performances this year.

Sophia Stedman

Uhhhhh… it says Israel is in second place and Australia isn’t even on the list.


Uptempo … party song with no relevant meaning anyone would care about … the so called “epic” sax guy for reasons we still don’t quite know how to explain … yeah … it makes sense … when downtempo songs are ruling Eurovision and winning the whole thing, fans need their uptempo vibes to win something … somehow …


Dude, imma charging now but you can take some pills to take down your irreplaceable toxicity. It’s summer, half Europe freeze-deprived finally and wants some bop for their midsommar! And even portuguese people, bless em, agreed with hot mess from Moldova, if you’d check votings.


“And even portuguese people, bless em,”
What is that suppose to mean?


Means they’re down to earth, having great entry but giving high-five to party bangers at same time, unlike some newly grown snobs.


The fact that you bothered to reply me just shows that something is not just not right … something even more concerning than Mariah Carey’s denial to state her real age … I wish you recover soon and learn in the meantime that you can ignore those who will not agree with you just because you expect them too. Maybe some epic sax guy can help you on your recovery but right now seriously #aintnobodygottimeforthat … (Ps: You do know how many Moldovans are living in Portugal right now? Do you? Oh you don’t … hummm….)


Ok. Sorry took it the wrong way. My bad.


Charles, you need to pipe down. For a start, why do songs need “relevant meaning”? I don’t need to understand exactly what a song is about in order to enjoy it. As is the case with Hey Mamma! Don’t belittle those of us who take delight in things which you dismiss.


‘Don’t belittle those of us who take delight in things you dismiss’
Nice words. It’s just a pitty that you people only apply them to certain group of songs and not to others.


What about Hadise’s new song?