Tijana Bogicevic changes pace with Eurovision follow-up song “Ti Imas Pravo”


She’s the Serbian singer who missed out on this year’s Eurovision grand final by just three points.

But on Friday Tijana Bogicevic proved that the near-miss can’t sideline her for too long, releasing her latest single “Ti Imas Pravo” (You Have the Right), which will feature on her upcoming album.

The Serbian stunner changes the pace from her Eurovision effort “In Too Deep” with the pop-rock ballad, which expresses her love and support for an ex-boyfriend.

Tijana Bogicevic — “Ti Imas Pravo”

“You have the right to call me, when the night is dark,” she sings. But the song comes with a warning: he’s no longer allowed to say “I love you”.

The video sees Tijana working the breeze in an airy, summery two-piece number that shows off her tantalising midriff and overwhelming femininity.

Turning the wharf into a runway all her own, Tijana filmed the video in Linekin Bay in Maine in the United States — Tijana’s adopted home. As she sings and strolls, she eventually reaches a historic ship, potentially a sign that the ship has sailed on this relationship.

Serbian composer, songwriter and producer Dušan Alagic wrote the song. Alagic has experience with Tijana already: he wrote “Tvoja” (Yours), the Serbian version of “In Too Deep”.

This isn’t the debut of “Ti Imas Pravo”. After the contest in Kyiv, Tijana published part of the song on her Instagram profile. There were plenty of positive comments about the song then, and we’re sure there’ll be more to follow.

It’s been positively compared to “In Too Deep”, with the song perhaps being better suited to Tijana’s vocals. It’s certainly showing the range that Tijana has as an artist.

One thing is certain: it’s great to see Tijana make the most of Eurovision. Whilst the song itself might lack the “pop” appeal of “In Too Deep”, it could be a step in the right direction for Tijana as an artist and performer.

What do you think of Tijana’s “Ti Imas Pravo”? Do you prefer it to her Eurovision entry? Let us know in the comments section below!

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