She wants to be yours! Online petition calls for Suzy to host Eurovision 2018


She’s the musical hurricane who took the Eurovision stage by storm back in 2014 with her traditional pop hit “Quero Ser Tua” (I Wanna Be Yours), emerging as a fan favourite if not a Eurovision finalist.

And now Suzy finds herself at the centre of an online petition that calls for her to host the Eurovision Song Contest 2018 in her native Portugal.

Spanish fan Jaime Criado Rodríguez — one of the many Spaniards that supports Suzy in her many endeavours — dreamed up the petition which launched today. He’s hoping to get RTP’s attention and he needs your help.

In the petition, created on, Jaime calls on the Portuguese broadcaster to consider Suzy for the hosting gig.

We ask RTP (Radio and Television of Portugal) to include Suzy as one of the hosts of Eurovision 2018. The success achieved by her song “Quero Ser Tua”, her international musical path and her ease with many languages make her the perfect host. 

Indeed, Suzy is a skilled linguist who has shown off her skills with a variety of languages while working as an air steward in the Middle East and as a pharmaceutical sales executive in the United States and Canada. That’s in addition to working her native tongue on hits like “Nesta Noite Branca” — the most enduring Portuguese Christmas song of all time.

Plus she’s a huge Eurovision fan!

As of now — Tuesday at 19:40 GMT — the petition only has 27 signatures but we are sure the number will rise in the coming days. We want the Suzy shake to send seismic waves across the Eurovision stage once more!

Suzy, who performed at the Wiwi Jam in Stockholm in 2016, has also hosted the Welcome ESPre-Party in Madrid and killed it at the recent World Pride, also in Madrid.

Suzy joins a growing list of fan favourites to host next year’s musical extravaganza. Among them are Catarina Furtado, Sílvia Alberto, Filomena Cautela and Pedro Granger.


A 44-year-old TV presenter and actress, Catarina Furtado has media in her blood: She’s the daughter of noted RTP journalist Joaquim Furtado, who famously reported on the Carnation Revolution military coup in 1974. But Catarina is definitely standing on her own two feet, having worked with RTP for the past 14 years.

She has immense experience hosting televised talent shows, including the two most recent editions of The Voice of Portugal — the network’s highest-rated show. Perhaps most germane to this discussion, she also hosted the 2017 edition of Festival da Canção, which resulted in Salvador singing for Portugal at Eurovision. Kind, experienced and, let’s face it, stunningly beautiful, she would be in her comfort zone while leading the show either alone or accompanied.


Sílvia Alberto is also in the mix.

The 36-year-old stunner trained at the Escola Superior de Teatro e Cinema, so she’s comfortable on the stage and knows how to deal with drama. Just like Catarina, she served as a host at Festival da Canção. In fact, she’s led the show eight times — through good times and bad, through the amazing Suzy…and Homens da Luta.

A former Disney Club presenter, she hit the big time when she presented Ídolos — the Portuguese version of Idol — in 2003 and 2004, alongside actor Pedro Granger (more on him below). Since then she’s hosted other talent shows including Operação Triunfo(2007 and 2011) and most recently, Got Talent Portugal. From circus performers to dance troupes to singers, Catarina has dealt with them all.


When it comes to the green room — where a host needs to draw out the personality of the acts — the obvious choice is Filomena Cautela.

Funny, charismatic and welcoming, Filomena was Portugal’s spokesperson in this year’s Eurovision final (watch her from 23:52 here). She currently helps laugh Portuguese to sleep with her comedy chat show “5 Para A Meia Noite” (Five to Midnight).

She’s no stranger to the world of Eurovision either. As with the earlier ladies, she played a role at Festival da Canção 2017, hosting this year’s green room. In Portugal, everyone knows her and almost everyone loves her.


He’s perhaps the country’s most famous diehard Eurovision fan — and he’s very easy on the eyes.

Pedro Granger — Portuguese TV host and actor — has traveled to Eurovision each year since 2011, choosing to watch the contest live and in person rather than admiring from afar. Right after Portugal won this year’s contest, the 37-year-old stud took to Instagram where he confessed that he’d love to host the show.

“…And to answer all your messages about me hosting Eurovision here in 2018, of course it would be a dream come true but I know that it’s going to be 40 dogs for 1 one bone.”

Pedro may make a good double act with Sílvia. In addition to co-hosting Ídolos, they also co-hosted Festival da Canção 2012.

Who do you think would be the best host? Do you believe Suzy is able to host the entire gig by herself? Tell us in the comment section below!