LISTEN: Loreen gets revved up with new single “’71 Charger”


She’s the Swedish singer who still has the best Eurovision entry ever according to the fandom. But this year Loreen has put “Euphoria” firmly behind her, as she shows the world a more artistic style of music.

On Friday Loreen dropped her new single “’71 Charger” in anticipation of her upcoming second album, due for release in November.

Moving away from the mix of electronic and reggae sounds heard on August’s EP Nude, the new song includes richer instrumentation, making it much more accessible to a wider audience. Blending guitars, drums and piano with Loreen’s breathy vocals, it harks back to the sound of “Do We Even Matter” and “Heal” from her 2012 album, while remaining contemporary and fresh.

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You’ve all been so patient. In two days we start something beautiful! #71CHARGER

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Unfortunately, Loreen’s poor enunciation continues in the new track, if only for a few occasional words. While certainly not as bad as in the summer release “Jungle”, you know there is something wrong when lyric sites have to include a number of [?] at various points of the song.

Nevertheless, the song delves into a relationship that Loreen doesn’t feel to be worth the time, as she sings: “Though you lay your head, on my head / On my head, on my couch / I ain’t got the time”. Loreen would rather do things her way: “Craving the comfort from that empty seat / I ride on my own”.

Regardless of whether the relationship she refers to is physical or metaphorical, the song’s lyrics convey her desire not to conform to the stereotypes often seen in today’s music industry — particularly in pop-laden Sweden.

Loreen – “’71 Charger”

Life According to Loreen Documentary

Although teased to her 86,000 Instagram and 325,000 Facebook followers over the past week, the first preview of “’71 Charger” actually came from a documentary broadcast on SVT2 on 8 September.

Entitled Livet enligt Loreen (i.e. Life According to Loreen), the show featured interviews with the 2012 Eurovision star, as well as a look into her current work in the recording studio.

In addition, the documentary follows Loreen back to her family in Morocco, delves into her relationship with her mother, and also looks at her work for organisations such as The Swedish Committee for Afghanistan.

It also deals with issues that we haven’t frequently seen Loreen talk about in interviews before. Discussing the idea of being a ‘one hit wonder’, she admits that, for her, the creative process can take time.

“Through these years I have had creative dips,” she says. “The reason has been that when you create and don’t have an outlet you end up, at least I, in a creative dip”.

However, it’s clear that the creative juices have begun to flow once again with the release of Nude, which recently surpassed over 1 million streams, and the upcoming album. Comparing her new music to her previous releases she notes that “it’s honest and more scaled off” and “a little more naked.”

And if you just can’t wait for the new album, you’ll be glad to hear that Loreen teases yet another new song on the documentary. Called “Love Me America”, you can see an acoustic version of the song at 3:15 in the video below.

So, what do you think of “’71 Charger”? Are you excited for the upcoming album? Do you think Loreen will be able to move past being a one hit wonder? Let us know in the comments below!

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