Júniores de Portugal: 5 finalists to sing “YouTuber” in Thursday’s Junior Eurovision selection


Let the Portuguese children sing! Ten years after their last Junior Eurovision appearance and just months following Salvador Sobral’s victory at the adult Eurovision, Portugal is back in the game.

After two difficult experiences at JESC, RTP is ditching the old Festival da Canção Junior and launching a new format, which consists of five invited singers and one internally selected song called “Youtuber“.

“YOUTUBER” (Portugal’s JESC 2017 song)

Duarte Valença, Filipa Ferreira, Margarida Lima, Mariana Venâncio and Matilde Leite will sing their hearts out in the hopes of getting to hold the coveted ticket to sing in Georgia, in November.

All the juniors will have the chance to sing “Youtuber” and impress judges and televoters. The winner will come from a combination of both results.

TV host Jorge Gabriel presented the song on the daytime tv show A Praça earlier this week. He apologised for his singing, which will, no doubt, make the talented kids sound even better by comparison.

On Thursday both Jorge and TV host Sónia Araújo will present “Júniores de Portugal“, which will take place in the northern capital of Porto.

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“YouTuber” lyrics

The song has created quite the buzz on social media, with Jorge’s colourful performance leaving fans scratching their heads.

The tune, which may remind you of elevator music from the 1980s, is built around themes of love, social media and the pursuit of fame.

Chasing the limelight isn’t an end in itself — it’s an attempt to snag the singer’s crush.

“YouTuber, YouTuber, I wanna be a YouTuber. I wanna see everything and share everything with never-ending shares. I wanna be viral, cuz in the end I just want him to look at me.” We’ve all been there!

The overt reference to YouTube may pose a problem for Portugal. As you’ll recall, San Marino’s Valentina Monetta had to remove the word “Facebook” from her Eurovision 2012 entry “Facebook, Uh, Oh, Oh” because of its reference to the technology company.


Back in 2006, Portugal entered the Junior Eurovision family. In a competitive Festival da Canção Júnior, Pedro Madeira — now 24 — won the trophy and flew to Bucharest, Romania with his uptempo song “Deixa-me Sentir” (Let me feel).

Even though expectations were high in Portugal at the time, Pedro only managed to secure 24 points, coming next to last on the scoreboard.

After Junior Eurovision, Pedro released four albums. “Relógio” (Clock), a heartfelt, mid-tempo ballad, is one of his most successful tracks.


Jorge Leiria experienced a similar fate the next year. He came second to last with his tender ballad “Só Quero É Cantar” (I just want to sing).

The 16 points left him far behind the winner that year. Belarus won the entire competition with 137 points.

Will Portugal’s fate in JESC change this year? “Júniores de Portugal” is live on RTP this Thursday at 18:00 CET — long before your bedtime.

What do you think of “Youtuber”? Does Portugal have a chance at winning Junior Eurovision this year? Tell us in the comments section below!