It’s her choice: Maria Iside Fiore will sing “Scelgo (My Choice)” for Italy at Junior Eurovision 2017


Since their debut at Junior Eurovision in 2014, Italy have rarely left the top of the table. With a win in 2014 and third last year, they’re looking to keep the form going. Today, RAI announced Maria Iside Fiore as their next representative, with her song “Scelgo (My Choice)”!

Maria Iside Fiore — “Scelgo (My Choice)”

Maria is no stranger to the stage or competition. Born in 2004, she’s been dancing and performing since the age of four. As one of her many talents, she’s also a talented player of the clarinet.

“Scelgo (My Choice)” looks at the future ahead, and Maria’s conviction to not be afraid of what comes. She’s going to “make a better day” and “not be afraid” — and there’s some serious vocal talent on show here, y’all. The song also blends Italian and English well together at the close.

The video sees Maria and her friends enjoying a day at the beach, as well as shots of Maria singing in various locations. We’re not too sure why she’s singing in what looks like a quarry at one point, but with a song like this, we don’t really care!

Since 2015, Maria has been participating in a number of singing contests, both locally and nationally. Her biggest stage so far has been in the national festival, Cantagiro.

The festival, which has been running on-and-off for 50 years, has previously hosted the likes of Eurovision legend, Domenico Modugno. Maria was a finalist in the junior section of the 2016 edition.

But Maria isn’t just a talented performer: she’s also involved in some very worthy causes, y’all. Her dance group focused on integrating those with disabilities. The video also shows one of Maria’s friends to be in a wheelchair, but just as involved as the rest of the group.

Last year, Maria also featured in an album that highlighted violence towards women. She may be young, but this girl clearly has a very wise head on her!

Fiamma Boccia placed third for Italy last year in Valetta, with “Cara Mamma”. As mentioned, the country has a great record so far at Junior Eurovision — will Maria keep that up?

What do you think of “Scelgo (My Choice)”? Is Maria your choice for a Junior Eurovision winner this year? Let us know all your thoughts in the comments section below!

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