Bulgaria: BNT releases details of internal selection process for Eurovision 2018


Bulgaria‘s broadcaster BNT has today revealed details of BG Song 2018, its internal selection process for Eurovision 2018. And they’re sticking with what works. BNT will again seek to enter into partnerships with interested performers.

Today BNT confirmed that they are essentially using the same internal selection process as last year. The broadcaster is looking for acts to submit not just a song, but an entire project. They are specifically looking for a budget and plans for staging.

On top of those requirements, the broadcaster is specifically looking for an act that is a team player, someone who “actually can sing or compose”, and a project with a “worthy message”.

BNT isn’t able to fund the project solely on its own, and it wants a label and producer willing and able to fill in any shortfall.

And just like last year, the broadcaster is only interested in entries from people — both artists and producers — who have substantial experience in their field. This is not amateur hour.

BNT also requires some level of Bulgarian involvement in the song itself, so there’s no chance of things being entirely outsourced to other countries. The performer must be a Bulgarian citizen who is experienced with live performance experience.

And the broadcaster also requires details of the staging — storyboards, number of performers, plans for the LED backdrop.

The broadcaster admits this selection process could make the selection off limits for some artists, but they emphasise that they’re not in a position to run a fully open national selection and that their emphasis is on quality entries rather than a large quantity of entries.

The entry period is open now and will close on 20 December. This gives interested acts just over one month to come up with a killer entry.

Once entries close, the songs will be tested with different focus groups, both Bulgarian and international.

BNT introduced this selection process in 2016 when it was seeking to select an act following Poli Genova’s impressive comeback in Stockholm.

The broadcaster shortlisted five songs, which were then assessed by an international focus group. In the end, it was Kristian Kostov’s ballad “Beautiful Mess” that was selected.

It went on to place second in Kyiv, delivering Bulgaria its best every Eurovision result — and tantalisingly close to a win. With two top-five finishes in two years, the pressure is on for Bulgaria to again deliver the goods.

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