WISHLIST: Ten acts who should enter Romania’s Selectia Nationala 2018


Yodeleioo! Romania’s Selectia Nationala 2018 kicks off today with the slogan “Eurovision Unites Romania”. The song submissions window just opened for entrants, and state broadcaster TVR will close it in one month’s time, on 15 December. Who should enter the competition? Here are ten names that we’d love to see in contention to sing at Eurovision 2018.

Three things we can count on: death, taxes, and M I H A I submitting a song to Selectia Nationala each year. 2018 will be no exception, as the Eurovision star formerly known as Mihai Traistariu has announced that we will indeed enter the competition, with the final aim to win the song contest in Lisbon. It’s even rumoured that his track is a Sweden 2017 style song, but we’ll believe it when we hear it!

Now that we’ve crossed M I H A I from the list, let’s see who else should be in the mix. The ten names are based on their track record in previous years and/or new fan favourites. In the past, we already mentioned established names like Inna, Alexandra Stan, Delia, Antonia, Irina Rimes, but since these successful artists seem to have no desire to throw their hat in the Eurovision ring, they’re unlikely to do it next year. But let’s see who is!


Maria Mirabela Cismaru, aka MIRA, first emerged on the Romanian pop scene in 2012, as a contestant on The Voice of Romania. Although she crashed out in the Battle round, the beautiful singer signed with the Cat Music label and is now on heavy rotation on Romanian radio, and her videos have millions of views on YouTube. Her fans are urging her to send a song to Selectia Nationala 2018, and hopefully she will listen to their pleas.

Liviu Teodorescu

If you’re a Junior Eurovision fan, then you might remember Liviu Teodorescu from 2006, when he dressed as Harry Potter as part of the band New Music Star for their song “Povestea Mea”. Liviu’s all grown up now and shot to stardom after becoming a semi-finalist on The Voice of Romania back in 2011. He also starred on a popular teenage TV show and is constantly touring the country. The question is: would the R&B singer like to travel to Portugal as well?

Ligia Hojda

The Voice of Romania is a real starmaker — lest we forget, the 2017 representatives Ilinca & Alex Florea became famous on that very talent show. Also emerging as a fan favourite on the same stage in 2014, Ligia Hojda is one of the voices who we’d love to see try to represent Romania in Lisbon. We can’t get her rendition of “Wrecking Ball” out of our heads!

Lara Lee

Larisa Ciortan, aka Lara Lee, is another fan favourite, this time for her song from 2015, “Superman”. She did not emerge victorious then, but we would love it if she had a song for Selectia Nationala 2018 as well.


OK, this is our guilty pleasure. It’s not very likely that George Papagheorghe (also formerly known as Jorge) would enter Selectia Nationala, but the metrosexual performer, who feels at home on any stage, would be perfect for Eurovision. Just watch his Your Face Sounds Familiar transformation into the Bulgarian drag superstar Aziz! Can you believe he’s married to a woman? (And has two kids!)


It’s been two years since Florena competed in Selectia Nationala, but fans have not forgotten the then 16-year old and are clamouring for her to return to the national selection for Eurovision. Maybe Selectia Nationala 2018 will be luckier for her?


After competing in Selectia Nationala for two years in a row — last year she finished in fifth place — Xandra is rumoured to return to the selection, despite the fact that she is currently a contestant on X Factor Romania. Will she be able to do both?

Cristina Vasiu

Speaking of Selectia Nationala returnees, we can also place a bet on Cristina Vasiu returning for a third year. Last year she placed sixth on the National Final scoreboard, but it was her 2015 firework dress performance that made her a star! Who knows what she will bring to Selectia Nationala 2018?

Florin Ristei

After reaching the final of Selectia Nationala 2013 with his band FreeStay, frontman Florin Ristei went on to win X Factor Romania later that year. However, his career failed to lift off, so we might see him again in Selectia Nationala, which we wouldn’t mind at all. He’s charismatic, talented, and has already proven that he has a soft spot for Eurovision.

Elena Hasna

Last but not least, the former child wonder Elena Hasna — who turned 16 in April — has reportedly expressed a wish to represent Romania at Eurovision. After breaking out on a Romanian child talent show when her performance of Lara Fabian’s “Je Suis Malade” became a viral sensation, we would love to see how she turns up at Selectia Nationala.

So these are our choices for Romania at Selectia Nationala 2018. However, since the local music scene is overflowing with talent, we’d like to hear your thoughts about who else should submit a song to broadcaster TVR.

Artists interested in competing have a month-long window to submit their entries. They’ll be accepted from November 15 to December 15, by CD or e-mail.

Between December 21 and 22, there’ll be live auditions at the TVR studios for all artists. The jury will then choose who will make it through to the semi-finals, set to start in January.

In a Romanian first, the five semi-finals of Selectia Nationala 2018 will be hosted in five different cities, with the final in Bucharest. In the past few days, we learned that one of the host cities will be Suceava, which lies in the Eastern region of Moldavia (not to be confused with Moldova). Cluj-Napoca, Timisoara, Brasov and Constanta are rumoured to make up the other host cities, but TVR has not made this official yet.

Do you agree with our picks for Selectia Nationala 2018? Did we miss anyone in particular? Let us know in the comments!