Poland: Is Michal Szpak planning a Eurovision return with new single “Don’t Poison Your Heart”?


He’s the Polish X-Factor runner-up who placed third in the televote at Eurovision 2016. Now rumours are hotting up that Michal Szpak is aiming for a Eurovision comeback in Lisbon. And conveniently enough, he’s just released a single that’s three minutes long.

Szpak made his Eurovision debut in 2016, with the power ballad “Color of Your Life”. The song featured an anthemic chorus and was a huge hit with viewers. It was the third most popular song in the 2016 televote, but the jury wasn’t so kind.

Europe’s panels of music experts were much less impressed. Their combined scores put the song second to last in the jury vote. This gave Poland the overall result of eight place — Poland’s third-best Eurovision result.

And now it seems Szpak may be planning a comeback.

Today he has released his new single “Don’t Poison Your Heart”. Fans have already noticed that as well as being 2:59 in duration, the song has a very Eurovision friendly sound.

The song is an upbeat rock song with electronic undertones. The song has a 1980s indie rock flavour, with a hint of the influential band the Pixies coming through in the chorus. But at the same time, it’s not stuck in the past. Szpak’s vocal warmth gives the song a contemporary flavour

The lyrics share a message of staying true to yourself and to not give into negative influences. At a time when the world sometimes feels chaotic and uncertain “Don’t Poison Your Heart” shares a message of personal strength.

It has all the ingredients for a good Eurovision performance, but first Michal has to win the ticket to Lisbon. Polish broadcaster TVP reportedly has plans to hold national final Krajowe Eliminacje, with the grand final expected to take place sometime in February.

Michael Szpak would first need to get selected for the national final, then win it. But considering that the popular X-Factor runner-up managed to beat both it-girl Margaret and Polish Eurovision legend Edyta Górniak in 2016, it certainly wouldn’t be a surprise if he won again.

Szpak is currently a coach on The Voice of Poland. Has has debuted a new look on the show, with his signature long curly hair now looking sleek and straight. Szpak will perform “Don’t Poison Your Heart” on The Voice‘s grand final, this coming Saturday 25 November.

“Don’t Poison Your Heart” – lyrics (Michal Szpak)

I still really wonder why
We all do bad things and then I fight
The sky is crying, you turn your face
Brothers and sisters, we can change this place

Don’t poison your heart
Remember you will feel this magic alive
Don’t poison your heart
Don’t poison your heart

Oh my angels, tell me why
Someone is trying to steal our lives
What is truth? What is fake?
I hear it again and again

Some people say that everything is just for sale
Tell them but we don’t let them into your head
What is truth, what is fake?
Brothers and sisters, we can change this way

Don’t poison your heart
Remember you are still just like a child
Don’t poison your heart and feel the freedom
Don’t poison your heart

Don’t poison, don’t poison
Don’t poison, don’t poison

Don’t poison your heart
Remember you will feel this magic alive
Don’t poison your heart
Don’t poison
Don’t poison your heart


What do you think? Should Poland send Michal Szpak to Eurovision again? Will juries love “Don’t Poison Your Heart”? Share your thoughts below!