My Lucky Day! DoReDos unveil their Eurovision song for Moldova’s selection


Just 28 songs were submitted to Moldova‘s national selection O melodie pentru Europa 2018, but we all know that the small Eastern-European country always serves quality, not quantity. And DoReDos‘ song “My Lucky Day”, the beautiful child of a so-called “Dream Team” collaboration with Philipp Kirkorov, is just that: high quality.

When we first broke the news that the famed Eurovision songwriter Philipp Kirkorov was teaming up with O melodie pentru Europa fan favourites DoReDos, we expected the song to be quintessentially Moldovan, with dance, folk and funk elements. That’s what they served back in 2015, when “Maricica” marked their debut at the Moldova national selection, when they won their semi-final.

And did they deliver! Their 2018 entry “My Lucky Day” is full of energy, passion, and happiness — three ingredients that also helped secure SunStroke Project’s third place success in Kyiv. Philipp Kikorov has obviously been taking notes!

The track borrows elements from Moldovan traditional dance, is beautifully produced and flows seamlessly between verses and choruses. And, unlike “Maricica”, it is less repetitive and more interesting, with more than just one layer of fun. And fun is perfect for Eurovision!

“My Lucky Day” is stage-ready and we can expect a similarly lively performance that is bound to steal the show — not only in Chisinau but also in Lisbon, should DoReDos win O melodie pentru Europa 2018. Philipp Kirkorov is likely to assemble a “Dream Team” for the band if they get the ticket to Portugal — and judging by the fact that only 28 acts entered the national selection this year, their chances are going up, up, up!

Kirkorov has been a fan of the group for some time and cheered them on as they won the prestigious New Wave International Music Festival last September. During the competition, Kirkorov sang the group’s praises.

“They heat it up, they are my favorites,” he says in the video below. “They are unique and energetic, they infect the audience with their energy from the stage!”

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