In memoriam: 1960s Portuguese diva Madalena Iglésias dies at 78


In 1966, Madalena Iglésias made an impression in Luxembourg with her song “Ele e Ela”. She didn’t win, but rapidly the song became a hit in Portugal.

Madalena became a symbol of hope for generations as Portugal was still under an authoritarian political regime at the time. The Portuguese diva passed away in Barcelona yesterday. She was 78. 

After an astonishing rise to fame and six years of constant success, Mrs Iglésias decided to put an end to her artistic career. In 1972, the diva left the country and moved to Venezuela. She came back to Europe in 1987 and lived in Barcelona until her last breath.

The news stirred overwhelming reaction with her fans, both in Portugal and abroad. Mrs Iglésias, along with Simone de Oliveira, was one of the country’s most iconic voices of the well known Portuguese music style called “nacional canconetismo”. This music style praised the Portuguese people, their culture and strength, and was very popular during the rocky times in the 1960s.

Even though Madalena Iglésias left her beloved home country in the 1970s, she remained true to her roots, and was loved by the Portuguese nation until the day she passed, and with her, another legend has left the Eurovision stage.

The wiwibloggs team offers their deepest condolences to Mrs Iglésias’s family and friends.