Spain shares all nine OT 2017 song snippets ahead of Eurovision gala


During last night’s OT gala, Ana beat Agoney with 50.3% of the votes, thereby becoming the last contestant to win the ticket for the Eurovision gala as a solo artist.

And today Operacion Triunfo producers kept the train rolling by sharing snippets of the nine songs competing to represent Spain at Eurovision 2018. The songwriters behind the tracks have entered the academy to start rehearsals with the triunfitos and you can now enjoy a first taste of each tune.

There will be a total of nine potential Eurovision entries in next week’s Eurovision gala. Aitana, Alfred, Amaia, Miriam and Ana will each perform a solo number, and Miriam and Agoney, Amaia and Alfred, Aitana and Ana Guerra will pair up to perform three duets. The five finalists will also perform a five-piece version of “Camina” — the OT 2017 anthem.


AMAIA – “AL CANTAR (When singing)”

Serving pure emotion and beautiful lyrics, Amaia will be singing Rozalen’s “Al Cantar” with the hope of representing Spain. The song comes with plenty of old-school vibes and sweetness, and seems to result in a fragile and purely crafted song. No doubt Amaia will be able to take the track higher than the demo artist does.

AITANA – “ARDE” (It Burns)

It’s a surprise for Aitana! Fans expected the powers-that-be to assign the youngest contestant an upbeat song, but they’ve done the complete opposite. Emotion and tenderness come through in this meaningful song crafted by Alba Reig — a former member of the urban Spanish band “Sweet California”.  Alba described her song as very intimate and focused on the equality between races.


Colombia and Canarias merge in Nabález’s song “El Remedio”. The author comes from the South American country, and wrote using the fire within. It’s a Latin fiesta with hot southern vibes — the only solo song with those feels in this contest.

Speaking in a special RTVE stream called #OTVisión, musical experts described the song as a little outdated and not that different from what is trending in the charts now. Others argued that this could hit the charts anyway. Where do you stand?

MIRIAM – “LEJOS DE TU PIEL” (Away From Your Skin)

Miriam has been crowned “La Leona (The Lioness)” and she deserves a big song. She’s got it. “Lejos de tu piel” is a composition by Steve Robson and translated by Diego Cantero. Steve boasts a Grammy nod for his Rascal Flatts song “What Hurts The Most” — so Miriam is in good hands. Is this a #EuroDiva hit for Miriam?

ALFRED – “QUE NOS SIGAN LAS LUCES” (The Lights Continue)

Alfred has pounded the alarm with his song assignment — it already seems to be one of the most supported of the solo acts. Composed by Nil Moliner, “Que Nos Sigan las Luces” is pure indie fun. The chorus is strong and the snippet sounds Eurovision-friendly.



We all dreamed about it, and if you can dream it, you can make it happen. And Almaia has now happened.

Alfred and Amaia have, as predicted, been given a touching piano song. Thankfully this snippet avoids clichés and sounds very promising.

It comes from Raúl Gómez — a young and talented singer and composer who participated in the Spanish musical talent show “El Número Uno”.

Ana Guerra & Aitana – “Chico Malo” (Bad Boy)

Knock knock on the club door: Aitana and Ana Guerra are ready to hit the floor with a seriously hot beat.

Morgan and Simms crafted the song, but Brisa Fenoy adapted it. The whole project is very baila la la la, and don’t stop mueve tu cabeza! “Chico Malo” is probably the most Latin option for Spain. It could be a good move. Fun and excitement are very much appreciated in a 43-song contest. Just ask Moldova’s SunStroke Project.

Miriam & Agoney – “Magia” (Magic)

Last but not least, Miriam and Agoney will join forces to represent Spain with a song from David Otero, Funambulista and Tato Latorre. It’s the only song in which we will see the Canarian full-of-enthusiasm-about-Eurovision Agoney. Is this song as magical as she is?

Group performance

RTVE has confirmed what so many of you wanted: The group performance will be “Camina (Walk)” — the song that the 16 OT artists composed themselves. It’s not just their song, but also the show’s anthem — the OT 2017 hymn.

The song was originally composed and crafted so that each of the 16 candidates had a moment — and a voice. Unfortunately those 16 candidates are now just 5! And Agoney won’t be allowed to join them.

It is now necessary to revamp the song for the 5-person group and to fit within three minutes. The song currently lasts a little over four minutes. But Manu Guix — the Academy’s musical director — has already confirmed they can manage. The song will not only fit within the three minutes: it will also have more of a festival feel.

While some Spanish fans thinks “Camina” should be avoided — all 16 candidates should be there — others are waiting for the revamp result. But it is a fact that “Camina” is not the most supported song among fans.


Both the finalists and the Academy teachers ended up in tears. Emotion and music filled today’s very special “Reaparto de temas (song-assignment).”

Both Noemí Galera and Manu Guix agreed with this statement: “the music has returned thanks to Salvador Sobral”. And they believe the songs competing to represent Spain in Lisbon follow his authentic, independent vibe.

In any case, these are just snippets. You will need to keep watching the addictive 24-h OT 2017 Channel to find out if the full songs are as promising as the snippets. You will be able to listen to all 9 songs in their entirety on Thursday — after their first rehearsal. The second rehearsal will take place on Saturday. Producers will allow songwriters to modify the songs, so things can and likely will change before the gala.

What do you think about this first taste of the Spanish songs? Are you saying yay or nay? And which one is your favourite? Tell us in the comments section below!