Poll results: Spain’s Alfred & Amaia are your favourite Eurovision 2018 act so far (3 February)


They stormed to victory during Monday’s Spanish final. And now Alfred & Amaia are your favourite Eurovision 2018 act so far.

Of the 9,494 votes cast in total, the “Tu canción” duo picked up 3,260 (34.34%) — an impressive haul given that the combined total for all acts in our previous poll was 3,747.

Spain: Alfred & Amaia “Tu canción”

Despite an eleventh hour surge in support, 2018’s first poll topper Eugent Bushpepa must make do with the runner-up spot. Nonetheless, the Albanian singer increased his tally week-on-week, with “Mall” securing 2,413 votes (25.42%). That compares to 1,957 last time.

Albania: Eugent Bushpepa “Mall”

French duo Madame Monsieur also saw a rise in popularity, even if their third place finish is one spot lower than before. “Mercy” garnered 2,321 votes (24.45%), up from 1,790.

France: Madame Monsieur “Mercy”

Last, but by no means least, it’s the Czech Republic’s Mikolas Josef. His saucy number “Lie To Me” seduced 1,500 of you into voting for him (15.79% of all votes cast).

Czech Republic: Mikolas Josef “Lie To Me”

Your Eurovision favourites on 3 Februray (4 acts)

  1. Spain: Alfred & Amaia “Tu canción” 34.34% (3,260 votes)
  2. Albania: Eugent Bushpepa “Mall” 25.42% (2,413 votes)
  3. France: Madame Monsieur “Mercy” 24.45% (2,321 votes)
  4. Czech Republic: Mikolas Josef “Lie To Me” 15.79% (1,500 votes)

Total Votes: 9,494

Thankfully, this isn’t a battle royale. Our quartet will return to the ring once again when we relaunch the poll on Sunday. They’ll be joined by two new adversaries in the shape of the winners from the Maltese and Swiss national selections.

What do you think of the current standings? Does Spain deserve to be at number one? And can it hold on to the top spot now that the competition is picking up pace? Who’s your Eurovision favourite? Let us know below.

Previous Favourites

Your Eurovision favourites on 29 January (2 acts)

  1. Albania: Eugent Bushpepa “Mall” 52.23% (1,957 votes)
  2. France: Madame Monsieur “Mercy” 47.77% (1,790 votes)

Total Votes: 3,747