Croatia’s Franka: My song “Crazy” is mystical and modern…and it doesn’t have a Balkan identity


On February 13 Croatia’s HRT revealed that she’d represent the country at the Eurovision Song Contest 2018.

And shortly afterwards Franka logged on to Skype to tell wiwibloggs about her song “Crazy”, her career history and so much more.

“I’ve known for a month and a half now — so a long time to stay and be quiet and not to talk to anyone about it!” she says of her Eurovision selection. “I would be out with friends and say, ‘I just have to run to the studio and work on something….I can’t say anything right now!'”

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But she’s still harbouring some secrets.

“I can’t talk a lot about the song right now,” she says. “But what I can say is it’s kind of a different song. It has a really mystic vibe to it, and it’s something you wouldn’t expect Croatia to send to Eurovision.”

“It’s a modern song. It doesn’t have a Balkan identity.”

And how did that song come about? Through intense studios sessions with Branimir Mihaljevic, who wrote her most recent single “S tobom”. (He also wrote Croatia’s Eurovision 2010 entry for Feminnem). He handled the music and she dreamed up the text.

“We wrote three songs and none of them is ‘Crazy’,” she says with a laugh. “Then one just came like this [snaps]…It was born then and there in the studio.”

Franka let her natural beauty shine during our interview, wearing a light dusting of blush and a smear of pink lippie. She also donned a plum top, which balanced comfort and sophistication perfectly.

If she looks this amazing on Skype, we can’t wait to see her look when she hits that stage in Lisbon!

Franka is used to competition — and she thrives on it. At just 16 years old, she made her name winning the talent show Showtime in 2007. Amongst the judges of that contest was none other than Jacques Houdek.

“Everything started from there — everything took a huge spin and I started to be a lot in the media,” she remembers. “[Jacques Houdek] was the judge there. I love that guy. He was always praising me and I was admiring him and his vocal abilities since I was a kid, so we have that bond.”

“He actually called me a few days ago, before the announcement was made here in Croatia. He gave me the advice that it’s going to start being crazy. It’s time to step on the ball and stay focused until the end.”

Are you loving her energy and spirit as much as we are? Are you excited that she’s going for a contemporary track? And are you loving re-watching her old Dora performances as much as we are? Sound off in the comments box below!

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