Poll: Which Saara Aalto song should win UMK 2018?


On 23 February Finland’s Eurovision 2018 singer Saara Aalto released “Queens” — the final of her three UMK songs. Next Friday she’ll perform that number, along with “Monsters” and “Domino”, in a high-octane final where voters and an international jury must narrow three to one.

But we can’t wait until then to hear what you have to say. So please tell us: Which Saara Aalto song is your favourite for Eurovision 2018?


This uptempo dance number has a dark title yet is full of light — its message of perseverance and pushing past haters and hangups comes with a delightful tropical feel. Best of all it showcases Saara’s voice even amid all the clangs and electro bangs. Eurovision 2018 competitors beware…

The “Monsters” lyrics make it clear that Miss Aalto has had a self-reckoning. Any and all tricks once used to pull her down have lost their power. She’s found her self — and her supporters — and is feeling invincible tonight. As she sings, sometimes you have to hit the bottom to start moving toward the top.

“At my worst I found my army strong/ all the demons are gone/ You can try and scare me now, but I ain’t scared no more/ I ain’t scared no more.”


The song addresses that overwhelming feeling you get when you’re deep in love. The force can be all-mighty and all-powerful, and might just knock you down like the domino in the title.

“When I’m with you I’m hit and I’m falling oh,” she sings. “I’m gonna fall like a domino, like I’m hit by a wrecking ball.”

Saara’s track comes with a very special music video, which plays nicely on the theme of dominos.

Dominos are, of course, somewhat identical. So the director replicated that by using motion controlled cameras that let them duplicate Saara. Smeared in gold glitter and reflective materials, she’s shining bright and she’s shining right.


Saara shows off a variety of looks in the “Queens” video. Her ever-changing hair colour — she’s going blonde, ginger and even rocking her natural dark locks — help convey the colour of the song and shoot.

Her mix of light and dark could easily pass as the four queens in a deck of playing cards but Saara is not playing. She sits upon a throne with shirtless male guards flanking her. Saara Aalto is a queen and she knows it.

Lyrically, “Queens” follows the same scaffold as “Monsters” with Saara putting the past behind her. The spade is in the ground and she is building her own world. She’s making rules so she can break them — and she ain’t scared. All hail!

Poll: What is your favourite UMK 2018 song?

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