Melodifestivalen 2018: Viktor says he doesn’t want to win…as Eurovision won’t fit in his schedule


In February Viktor and Samir went straight to the Melodifestivalen final from semifinal two in Gothenburg. And since then the duo have been riding a wave of momentum in Sweden, with their dance track “Shuffla” topping the “Sweden Top 50” Spotify list. Their YouTube video is currently the second-most viewed of all Melfest acts on YouTube with 1.2 million views. That’s behind only Margaret and “In My Cabana”, which has 1.8 million views and no doubt benefits from viewership in her native Poland.

With only two days remaining before the big final in Friends Arena, Viktor says that he doesn’t want to win. Representing Sweden at Eurovision simply won’t fit in to his already tight schedule.

That’s right. His statement comes following yesterday’s news that he’ll compete on Let’s Dance, the wildly popular show from broadcaster TV4. It premieres on March 23, only two weeks after the Melodifestivalen final. Doing his “Shuffla” at Eurovision — and on the show — would be a lot to handle.

Viktor tells the Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet that if they win, his schedule would be impossible to cope with. “We hope that we don’t win” he says.

Straight after the press meeting with TV4 Viktor headed to Friends Arena to rehearse for the final on Saturday.

“It’s very hectic. We are so tired, I have just been at the press meeting and now I’m here at Friends Arena. I sleep very deeply — it has become very easy for me to fall asleep I can tell you. I get back home sleep, wake up, go to dance rehearsal and then rehearse for the final on Saturday. I don’t even see the sun.”

Viktor isn’t just participating in two of Sweden’s biggest TV shows. He also says that he and Samir will do the world’s biggest tour next week. Regardless of their result at Melfest, they will do 11 performances in 11 different cities over three days.

Viktor also says that the double booking of the two shows has affected his preparations for the Melodifestivalen final. “I’ve done everything we have been booked for, we still attend our song lessons, but not as much as we should have,” he says.

What if Viktor and Samir win Melodifestivalen?

“If we were to win I don’t think I could compete in Let’s Dance, it would never work”.

What would happen then?

“What could happen? I could be sued and fined a million Swedish kronor.”

Anika Beclijevski, executive producer on TV4 tells Aftonbladet they would “try to find the best solution.”

Jon Henrik Fjällgren, a Melfest star of 2015 and 2017, will also compete in the show.


Felix Sandman (#2)
Mendez (#4)
Viktor & Samir (#5)
Benjamin Ingrosso (#7)
Margaret (#10)
Liamoo (#12)
Rolandz (#15)
Mariette (#19)
John Lundvik (#24)
Jessica Andersson (#30)
Reneida (#33)
Martin Almgren (#43)


Viktor has since clarified matters on Instagram.

He suggests that Aftonbladet mischaracterised his comments, though he doesn’t deny that he made them.

Perhaps he misspoke. Now it seems his responses are being guided by pr…

“I feel great! You should not believe everything you read in newspapers and the media. I will be ready for both Melodifestivalen and Lets Dance. Understand that the media want to angle and make it sound like I’m completely endangered and straight ahead into the wall haha .. But I’ve learned that with the right diet, sleep and good friends around it you can do everything! I have always been a warrior and I have decided that it’s going to go, it’s going to be! Then, of course, I and Samir want to go to Eurovision! But because our song is in Swedish, I think the international jury is voting another song for winners, but of course we will win for you!”

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