Norway: Alexander Rybak wins Melodi Grand Prix 2018 with “That’s How You Write A Song”


Ten acts came and put up a good fight, but only one could walk away the victor. In the end Alexander Rybak lifted the Melodi Grand Prix 2018 trophy once more and will sing “That’s How You Write A Song” in Lisbon.

A 50/50 televote and international jury vote was used in the first round of voting. This ended up with Stella & Alexandra, Alexsander Walmann, Rebecca and Alexander Rybak in the super-final. These four acts were then subject to another round of televoting and Rebecca and Alexander Rybak moved onto the top two.

These two performed again and after the final round of voting the Norwegian public chose Alexander Rybak as their Eurovision 2018 representative.

International Jury Line-up

Bulgaria – Vasil Ivanov, Assistant Head of Delegation
Czech Republic – Jan Bors, Head of Delegation
Denmark – Molly, Head of Delegation
Estonia – Mart Normet, Head of Delegation
FYR Macedonia – Aleksandra Jovanovska, Head of Press
France – Edowardo Grassi, Head of Delegation
Israel – Alon Amir, Former Head of Press
Russia – Ekaterina Orlova, Head of Delegation RTR
Sweden – Hellen, Music Enthusiast
United Kingdom – William Lee Adams, journalist and editor of wiwibloggs

Melodi Grand Prix 2018 – Final Four

1. Alexander Rybak

2. Rebecca

Stella and Alexandra

Alexsander Walmann

Tonight’s show also saw Norway’s 1988 representative Karoline Krüger reprise her winning MGP entry 30 years later. Her song “For vår jord” tells the true story of a homeless woman who used to roam the streets of Oslo and was well known by locals.

Wiwiblogger Helle Lund Olsen was also given a surprise this evening.

In a segment taking a look at fans who love Eurovision and follow it year-round, Helle was pointed out in the audience and taken onto stage, giving her a well deserved moment in the spotlight.

We’re glad Norway got a chance to see how much passion Helle and all the Eurovision fans across the globe have for this contest.

So do you agree with the result? Do you think Alexander Rybak can take Norway back to the top ten at Eurovision? Give us your thoughts in the comments below.

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