Lithuania: Ieva Zasimauskaite wins Eurovizijos atranka 2018 with “When We’re Old”


March 11 is an important day for Lithuania. Not only does the country celebrate their day of restoration of independence, they also had an important decision to make in their national selection marathon Eurovizijos atranka 2018. For the first time ever, the competition ends on a Sunday night slot.

The six remaining participants made the long journey to tonight’s final at the Žalgirio arena, hosted by television host Ugne Skonsmanaite and comedian Mantas Stonkus. But in the end, Ieva Zasimauskaite will fly the flag for Lithuania at Eurovision 2018 with her song “When We’re Old”.

Last year’s winners Fusedmarc returned to perform their song “Rain of Revolution” and two Eurovision 2018 acts performed their songs as guest performers in the final. Iceland’s Ari Ólafsson kicked off the show with “Our Choice” whilst Finland’s Saara Aalto performed “Monsters” later on as an interval act.

Eurovizijos atranka 2018 final running order

Monika Marija – “The Truth”

Kotryna Juodzeviciute – “That Girl”

The Roop – “Yes, I Do”

Paula – “1 2 3” (acoustic version)

Jurgis Bruzga – “4Love”

Ieva Zasimauskaite – “When We’re Old”

Eurovizijos atranka 2018 final results

Unlike the previous two years of Eurovizijos atranka, there were be no international juries — hosting the final in Lithuania’s largest multi-purpose indoor venue ain’t cheap, y’all!

So for one last time, the seven-member Lithuanian jury panel had their say on tonight’s six finalists and gave those all-important points. As usual, they count towards 50% of the overall vote, with the other 50% from televoting.

Jury panel

Ramunas Zilnys
Dalia Ibelhauptaite
Sasha Song
Milda Adomaitiene
Vytautas Rumšas
Leonas Somovas
Dovile Filmanaviciute

Televoting results

Jury results

Combined results

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Photo: E. Kniežausko