Wiwi Jury: Paula is our favourite to win Eurovizijos Atranka 2018


It’s the longest national selection show of the year, but tonight Lithuania‘s Eurovizijos dainu konkurso nacionaline atranka is will finally reach its conclusion. The winner of Eurovizijos atranka will follow Fusedmarc in representing Lithuania at Eurovision. But who should win?

The Wiwi Jury — our in-house panel of music unprofessionals — reviewed and ranked all songs that qualified out of the initial heats. Following weeks of eliminations, that has left us with the six finalists — and one clear favourite of the Wiwi Jury.

The Wiwi Jury’s favourite was The Voice of Lithuania star Paula. Her Donny-Montell-co-written song “1 2 3” scored an average of 7.45/10.

In second place was Euroviijos atranka regular Ieva Zasimauskaite. The Wiwi Jury gave her song “When We’re Old” 7.14/10. And third was another national final regular, Kotryna Juodzeviciute. Her song “That Girl” earned an average of  6.23/10 from the Wiwi Jury.

1. Paula – “1 2 3” (7.45)

The best: I love how Paula is able to blend minimalism with energy, it’s not easy to achieve but she nails it. She does go a bit overboard at times, but it’s still really effective. Everything is so simple but so bold and vibrant that it’s encapsulating. And also, massive points for originality. I honestly can’t remember a performance like this, or at least done this well. I’m really into this one. Also, best ponytail in Lithuania. (Natalie, 9/10)

The worst: I understand that the team behind this song got inspired by Kalomira on how to make an attractive performance by stimulating certain viewers, but at least Kalomira did it right! The song starts off by mentioning a symphony, but musically there’s steel drums, oriental beats and Japanese instruments. Confusingly, Paula is in the middle of Japanese-inspired staging, looking like a geisha! And she is just 17, why does she need to act like a 25-year-old sex icon when she isn’t one? However, the song is not bad and it will probably be a chart hit. (Barnabas 4/10)

2. Ieva Zasimauskaite – “When We’re Old” (7.14)

The best: Awwww, Ieva! This girl seriously knows how to build a ballad. I really love this song because it’s pure sweetness. It doesn’t have any glitter or fireworks, there are no gimmicks to convey that this is a beautiful song. It just stands on its own young feet as a really pretty emotional ballad. And yes, it is sung incredibly wonderfully. I’m not sure it could win, but I really wouldn’t mind this representing Lithuania at all. (Natalie, 8.5/10)

The worst: It’s difficult to fault “When We’re Old”. Vocally, it’s near perfect, and the fragility of Ieva’s voice is compelling. The staging is super intimate and compliments the performance well. But, as a package, “When We’re Old” has been done at Eurovision. “When We’re Old” just lingers where Emmelie de Forest’s “Only Teardrops” track started. The latter grew into something anthemic, while the former just plods along without any musical differentiation or innovation. It’s a nice piece, but not memorable. (Sebastian, 5.5/10)

3. Kotryna Juodzeviciute – “That Girl” (6.23)

The best: This entry is stronger than her last year one but still not the best what Kotryna could do. “That Girl” has a very sassy vibe but Kotryna doesn‘t give enough sass in her performance. The best part of this is the chorus because it is very catchy but the song itself just misses something. With more polish and confidence in her performance, Kotryna could reach the final yet again. (Lukas, 7/10)

The worst: That girl’s got sass! Problem: it’s on the fine line that separates sassy from cringe-worthy. Kotryna’s entry is fun and catchy, but it gets a bit repetitive and there are points when she kind of fades into the background. The performance needs two things: to be brought back from the ’00s and to be more polished. We’re going to Lisbon for Eurovision 2018, not for UEFA Euro 2004. (Luis, 5.5/10)


  1. Paula – “1 2 3” (7.45)
  2. Ieva Zasimauskaite – “When We’re Old” (7.14)
  3. Kotryna Juodzeviciute – “That Girl” (6.23)
  4. Jurgis Bruzga – “4love” (5.86)
  5. The Roop –  “Yes, I Do” (5.77) *
  6. Monika Marija – “The Truth” (5.77) *

* Ties are broken by preferential vote.