It seems like only yesterday we saw Eugent Bushpepa win FiK with the soaring track “Mall”. It was a simpler time when our timelines were filled with “My Top 1” jokes. Two and a half months have now sped by and we have all 43 songs competing at Eurovision 2018.

The Big Five are, of course, the five biggest financial contributors to the contest. As such they automatically qualify for the Grand Final on May 12th along with host country Portugal. For the first time in years France, Germany, Italy, Spain and the United Kingdom all chose their entries through national finals, as did our first-time hosts in Lisbon. And now we have one question on our mind: Which automatic qualifier is your favourite?

At the time of writing this poll — on 8 March — Spain are faring the best with the bookies, with their romantic ballad “Tu Cancion” sitting pretty as tenth favourite. France, Italy and Germany all remain inside the Top 20. The UK is further back in 27th with Portugal in between. But odds are odds — and your opinions are your opinions. Which country do you think most deserves its free pass to the final?

You can review all of the entries below. Then vote in our poll. You can vote for as many songs as you like, but you can only vote ONE time, so make it count. Be sure to tick the box next to each country you’re supporting before pressing submit.

Spain: Amaia and Alfred – “Tu Canción”

Espana comes with the real-life couple Amaia and Alfred, selected through the wildly popular TV show Operacion Triunfo. There was little doubt before the Eurovision gala that this duo would win with their simple yet beautiful ballad “Tu Canción” (Your Song). It’s already emerged as a hot-favourite for the title — could we be headed to our host nation’s neighbours in May 2019?

Notable lyric – “Siento que bailo por primera vez” (I feel like I’m dancing for the first time).

France: Madame Monsieur – “Mercy”

We were all hyped when we heard France would stage Destination Eurovision — a three-part national final involving respected songwriters and emerging artists. And the hype went to another level when we heard the snippets. Madame Monsieur took the crown with their moving song, a tribute to a child named Mercy born in the midst of the European immigration crisis who survived in extraordinary circumstances. With its emotional electro flair, the song stands out from what we’re familiar with at ESC. But will it stand out in the Grand Final?

Notable lyric: “Je suis tous ces enfants, que la mer a pris” (I am all those children who were taken by the sea).

United Kingdom: SuRie – “Storm”

SuRie (Susanna Marie Cork) is the Hertfordshire beauty with a vocal style comparable with British music legend Annie Lennox. She’s also one of the best social media characters of the year. Her wit and charm have earned her a dedicated group of fans excited to see the next tweet. Selected through the third edition of Eurovision: You Decide held at the historic Brighton Dome, SuRie delivered a real and rousing rendition of her anthemic track “Storm”, and got by far the biggest cheers in the crowd both in the venue, and evidently with viewers back home. Last year Lucie Jones restored British pride at ESC. Can SuRie take it higher?

Notable lyric: “Spread your love, give all you got, hold your head up, don’t give up”

Germany: Michael Schulte – “You Let Me Walk Alone”

Michael Schulte smashed the competition in Unser Lied fur Lissabon, beating his closest competitor Xavier Darcy by 11 points to be crowned the winner and representative of Germany in Lisbon. His moving tribute to his father who passed away when he was a teenager moved the German audience and they rewarded him with their highest marks. The Voice of Germany alumni is hoping to bring the competition back to Deutschland. They are still the only Big 5 country to have won since the Big 5 rule existed.

Notable lyric: “I’m a dreamer, a make believer, I was told that you were, too”

Italy: Ermal Meta & Fabrizio Moro – “Non Mi Avete Fatto Niente”

Both massive stars in Italy, Albanian-born Ermal Meta and rocker/tv-presenter Fabrizio Moro entered San Remo 2018 together with the extraordinarily honest and up-front anthem “Non Mi Avete Fatto Niente”. The song title, which translates as You Did Nothing To Me, refers to the terrorist attacks happening both in Europe and further afield, directly mentioning events in Nice and London among others. It takes the issue on without holding back and is one the most powerful statements ever made at Eurovision. This song could really hit hard with viewers. How do you think it will fare in the contest?

Notable lyric: “Il mondo si rialza  col sorriso di un bambino” (The world stand sup again with the smile of a child).

Portugal: Claudia Pascoal – “O Jardim”

Stepping into the shoes of Salvador Sobral after his empathic win in Kyiv last year was always going to be a difficult task, but Portugal stepped up to the plate with their entry “O Jardim” (The Garden). Winning the televote in Festival Da Cancao convincingly, Claudia will represent her home country with a slow, stunning and other-worldly entry. Will we be headed back to the region in 2019?

Poll: Best Big 5 country + Portugal

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being from the Uk, I absolutely despise our song, and don’t know how our chances will be, because we could of done so well this year, so we don’t embarrass ourselves with last place I hope people vote.
Portugal and France are my absolute favourites from the big 6, so I will really hope everyone votes for these two, So the Uk can see how good songs do well in the contest and change their song selection next year.,

1- Italy Nice lyrics and music. Not my favorite in the whole competition cause sometimes I have the feeling they are shouting at me, but overall a good entry. 2 – France Same as Italy, but the part when they repeat “mercy” is annoying, so it loses points for me. 3- Portugal Nice voice and different style. I just find it a bit repetitive. 4- Spain It’s too sweet and cheesy for me, but the girl has a nice voice. A LOT better than last year’s entry. 5 – Germany The theme is interesting, but I find the song kinda… Read more »

I think that even if France doesnt win, will be higher than the rest 5 songs
1. France
2. Italy
3. Portugal
4. Germany
5. Spain
6. UK


Portugal TOP 3 ( I can easily see a dark horse here )
France TOP 10
Germany TOP 15
Spain TOP 5
Italy TOP 8


The Big 5 have done a really good job this year! Congratulations! They are in the right way.

I love France, Germany and Italy, I like Portugal and Spain has grown on me (I like it but still too cheesy for my taste). My least favourite entry is U.K. but they had a good national final with several decent entries.

Big 5 did a really good job this year! When it comes to Portugal – I don’t like their song, but it’s very specific and I understand some people might find it enjoyable. 1. Italy – there is nothing bad I can say about their song. The tempo, the melody, the voices (and those singers…! <3), the beautiful message in wonderful Italian language. My definite overall number 1. 2. France – actually, it's quite similar to Non Mi Avete Fatto Niente in many ways, that's why I also like it very much. This song is in my top 5. 3.… Read more »

I agree with you Ana. But I think France is not as good as the Italian ( lyrics , music) so overrated here. But again everyone as his own taste.


None of them? Can we just get rid off all of them and pick 6 better songs from semifinals?


They’re all in my top 10, except for the UK.

Germany is my favorite here. I just love the lyrics and the way he sings, he gives me chills and he carries emotions so well. Love, love, love. Spain is my second, simply because I love the two of them together. When I listen to the song without watching them, it’s not the same. I like the song, but it’s the two of them and their chemistry that bring the song to the next level for me. Italy – while I like the message and I support it, I do not like their voices that much, nor do I like… Read more »

Sorry I do not agree Mikey the Portuguese singer’s voice is like an angel…


Hi everybody…in fact the two Portuguese girl showing her love for her disappeared granny with that beautiful melody from the sky is something that I will vote for…for sure




The Portuguese song is so tender, it talks about real love??. It’s about a granddaughter that has lost her beloved grandma. It’s really touching… It makes me remind my own grandparents…


For me… France – Spain > Italy >> Portugal >>> Germany >>>>>>>> UK (I’m sorry, but I do not get that I like that song + singer)


Spain must win. We worked so hard and honestly it is the best song pls. Vote please.





Hey all! As there is no reference to the notable lyric from the portuguese song “O Jardim”/”The Garden”, I would like to add that information.

“Agora que não estás rego o teu jardim” (Now that you are not here, I will water your garden)

As a portuguese speaker I must say that the song lyrics are very moving, but not in a sad way, in a comforting way.


Why Germany send English song not Deutsch?
Spain,Portugal,France,Italy,& UK send national language, only Germany send foreign entry (English), does Germany hate Deutsch entry?

Okey My Top 6 automatic Grand Final Eurovision:
1. Spain
2. France
3. Italy
4. Portugal
5. UK
6. Germany


oggy, you could say that about virtually every other country. It’s really strange to hear all those national finals conducted entered in nactive language except for the songs.


None of them will win but actually Spain could if it was at the disposal of a country that’s good at staging because that song has really been revamped to shine on any stage and also has that super stageable ending that could marvel the audience.

I guess they will mess it up big time again which is a shame for Spain. They run into opportunities like this one, once every 10-15 years.


You’re so jealous…maybe scared because you will not win


Jealous for what? I’m actually backing Spain as a possible winner. Where’s your reading comprehension?

Maybe if some spanish fans would be a bit less insecure but a bit more confident about their possibilities (without being arrogant)

You don’t need to pray for support because you’ll get what you deserve if the spanish delegation delivers on May

Music is art+vibs

These must be kids or people who cannot express themselves the right way die to a low level of English. Dont take ir to heart. I find you are right. If Spain has a great staging might have a great impact.


Not jelous, but realistic. Our staging is always poor and disappointing. Let’s hope for an improvement this year. Though I am very pesimistic.


English lyrics for MADAME MONSIEUR ( French entry )


Why isn’t there an option for None of those?

Purple Mask

Because Eurovision doesn’t do negative votes. It’s against the spirit of the contest.


The portuguese song is beautiful. France is a good candidate too.


1. Spain – big question is whether they can sell it but potential is enormous
2. France – catchy, sophisticated but not something I’d listen everyday
3. Portugal – some people will be bored but this again has potential
4. Germany – the best out of the ‘earnest male ballads’ group but they cancel each other out
5. UK – it proves to be memorable, I’m on the fence with this one
6. Italy – the weakest (or the least appealing) since 1983


UK higher than Italy? Lmao, what is this.


1. Italy 2. France. I like more Italy because some more in the lyrics, song and performance are more active/energetic. Others: not my cup of tea 🙂


choosing france over spain…rly?


Wow, just realised almost all of the Big 5 are singing in their own language.. Except for Germany, boo. But seriously, more of this please!

(and good luck to wonderful France and Portugal!)

Diva Fan
IMO five of the automatic qualifiers deserves the final, UK could also make it through the 2nd semi-final but would rather be eliminated if it was at the first-semi. France – I loved this one since the first time I heard it! Very professional duo, good song with a message. May easily make the top five if the public gets that special message. Spain – Alfred and Amaia are better live than studio for me. Their live performance blow me away. This song definitely deserves a top ten finish! Portugal – Very nice song with the voice of an angel,… Read more »

The big 5 has some quality entries like France, but its hard to see the rest on the left side of the scoreboard , France deliver a good entry 2 years in a row now ( im sorry i didnt like 2016 one). UK with those chasing rainbows, Italy with their terrorists , Germany with the non original song again and Spain with their teenage love from school doesnt really have chance against any of the semi 1 songs.


France — very arthouse
Germany — very American sounding
Spain — cute
UK — very British-pop
Italy — most original
Portugal — dull as dirt


lol very american sounding…get some new ears, very arthouse omfg. troll


Upon first hearing UK’s song, I almost thought it was Annie Lennox.

Darth Thulhu

All of them earned their automatic qualification. Congrats to each country on sending such a strong slate. That said, my personal favorites among them clump into three pairs.

Top: France, followed by Portugal. Exactly what I like, executed impeccably. Both feel like expressions of the spirit of the nation, in the best possible way.

Middle: Spain, followed by UK. The individual performers redeem songs that otherwise wouldn’t do much for me, but DANG do the individual performers redeem those songs.

Low: Italy, followed by Germany. Not my taste, but both solid.


1 – Portugal (I love it) / Final 3
2 – France (modern pop song) / Final 6
3 – Germany (not bad) / Final 13
4 – Italy (political message) / Final 16
5 – Spain (not my type of songs) / Final 19
5- UK (I don’t like it) / Final 21


Portugal, by far, has the best melody in all Eurovision.


Portugal by far, has the best melody in all eurovision.


I love my country’s song (Portugal)… quality again… I love Spain too, I really really like Alfred, I think his voice is different and unique… good luck

UK is my fav but I put money on the German entry doing well. France might have some political whistling for some and the Eastern Europeans wont feel it at all. Voting demographics in western countries will be important here. International promotion will help Spain’s is a little overrated but all the attention from the Spanish public could make the delegation work to make something good. Italy’s entry might go through a 2016 issue where the hype didn’t meet the results. Juries will like this one though. I haven’t heard the host country’s song yet. lol No judgement. Non Eurovision… Read more »
Person of interest

(Melody/Artists/Lyrics/Background story-message)
France (9/8/8/8)
Germany (7/8/6/7)
Italy (6/7/10/10)
Portugal (8/10/9/8)
Spain (10/8/7/10)
UK (6/6/2/2)


France, Portugal and Spain are great.
Italy has a good message but the melody itself is nothing special.
Germany is good but too much Ed Sheeran vibes.
UK is just…no comment.


All of them are really good songs except UK’s one which is simply a very weak effort

Results will depend on staging but strictly song wise my order would be 1-POR 2-SPA 3-FRA 4-ITA 5-GER (by slight margins)

Portugal is absolutely amazing and to me it’s one of the greatest host entries of the last decade; it has the level of “Oro”. I also really like Germany (so sweet ! ), Italy (I actually like the fact that it’s so word-heavy, it makes the lyrics flow so well + I like the meaning) and France (my country – clearly the best option of our NF, though I don’t know if international viewers will get behind this). Spain is too sugary for me and the UK is quite bland and uninteresting (especially compared to last year). Overall, a very… Read more »

Thanks from Portugal. Your song is amazing, 10/10. It made me cry…

Gina Aus

Germany is by far the wurst ?

The automatic qualifiers are very strong compared to previous years. Also, all of them except Germany are singing in their native languages, which is pretty cool. My personal favourites are: 1.France (which happens to be my favourite to win this year, at least up until now) 2.Portugal (idk if i’m being biased bc i’m portuguese, but i really do love our entry and i know that the girls will make us proud, no matter what the result) 3.Italy (current message, nice melody, catchy) All 3 of them are within in my top 10. Then i do like the UK, it’s… Read more »

Of all the 6 I really like 3 of them: Germany, Portugal and Spain.

As of the others, I really don’t like the IK entry.


Obviously I meant the UK entry, sorry 🙂


123 Italy, UK, France
456 Germany, Spain, Portugal


1. Spain
2. Italy
3. France
5. UK
6. Germany

Lewis S

I think Germany are quietly understated… they do have a good history with no LEDs (2010 with Lena) , so they will know how to stage. The message is relatable to many people which does help. It gives me a gut feeling of top 5 if not top 10…


UK is brilliant..I was there and SuRie was amazing..France no way,


My ranking:
1. Portugal (overall: 11.)
2. Italy (overall: 13.)
3. UK (overall: 15.)
4. France (overall: 21.)
5. Germany (overall: 38.)
6. Spain (overall: 40.)


“Who most deserves the free pass to the final?”

The six of them do! They’re all on point this year.


France and a bit of Portugal.


My top 6:

1: France 10/10
2: Portugal 10/10
3: Germany 7,5/10
4: Spain 6,5/10
5: Italy 6,5/10
6: UK 4,5/10


PT and FR are fine
Italy is bearable but I seriously enjoyed this How didn’t they let it compete?
Rest is no.