Belarus’ Alekseev: “I have never met my father — maybe he will see my act at Eurovision”


In his Eurovision 2018 song “Forever”, Belarus’ Alekseev channels nostalgia, love and hope. And, following his interview with wiwiblogger William Lee Adams at Eurovision in Concert in Amsterdam, it’s clear that this song triggers some very deep emotions in the Ukrainian singer.

When Alekseev’s mother became pregnant, his father told her that she would have to choose between the baby or him. She went on to give birth to Alekseev, who has grown into a kind man and talented performer.

“I want to meet my father, because I’ve never seen him before and maybe we will see my act in Lisbon and he’ll say, ‘Oh that’s my boy and I want to say him hello,'” he tells us. “Maybe, maybe. I hope. He lives in Israel. I didn’t see him before, but maybe we’ll meet up after the Eurovision, who knows?”

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The 24-year-old’s vocals have improved dramatically since the Belarusian national final in February. He’s delivered a series of strong performances at his concerts, which show off his growing sense of confidence. How does he explain it?

“I have many rehearsals with the big Master Alex Panayi. I have many concerts when I can sing my song and see how the audience feels my music. So it was a good three months for me.”

When asked to describe his best performance, he was already looking to the future: “I hope it will be in Lisbon”.

Everyone wants to know if Alekseev will bring his electric bodysuit to Eurovision. But he says no, joking that it’s in his museum now. “It will be a different act [in Lisbon]. It’s a very emotional and personal show stage but I can say nothing because it’s a surprise for you.”

“It will be only my soul, my music and the audience of the Eurovision.”

“[Eurovision] is a great chance to meet new people and I really hope that in the Lisbon the audience will say, ‘Yes, I know this guy, he has a really good song, and I wish him a good luck.’

And what about Eurovision in Concert?

“Today in Amsterdam, I want to bring my soul and say my story, about my school years. I will come on the stage and say, ‘Hello, I am Nikita from Belarus, please support me.”

Alekseev will perform in the first half of the first semi-final on May 8.

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