Alexander Rybak did not attend any of the Eurovision pre-parties. But it’s clear that he is very familiar with the songs, as he’s already made a mashup of entitled Eurovision 2018 Violin Jam

His love of the contest is long-lasting and he’s already demonstrated his love for songs from the show. Last year he covered Jamala’s “1944” and showed his support for Salvador Sobral by making a tribute to his song with his own English lyrics. Sennek later used those lyrics in a cover during her artist reveal.

In the video we him strumming his violin along to Waylon’s “Outlaw In ‘Em”, Franka’s “Crazy”, Cláudia Pascoal’s “O Jardim”, Madame Monsieur’s “Mercy” and Jessica Mauboy’s “We Got Love”.

Writing on Instagram, he said that he just couldn’t resist.

“Some songs are so damn violinviting that I can’t keep my hands off them! Go to AlexanderRybakVideo on YouTube to watch me groove to Waylon and other Eurovision artists…”

Backing vocalists and dancers

One of the few acts not to attend any of the pre-parties, Alexander used his free time to prepare for the stage performance in Lisbon. Following MGP he had to solve one problem: he needed backing dancers who can also sing, as he can’t rely on pre-recorded backing vocals on the Eurovision stage.

So the Norwegian broadcaster NRK held auditions to find a new group of backing dancers, who can also sing. The lucky four are: Stjernekamp participant Lisa Børud, Lene Kokai Flage, choreographer Jens Jeffry Trinidad and Melodifestivalen alumn Alvaro Estrella. In addition to that, Frode Vassel will provide additional backing vocals.

Alvaro Estrella previously danced as part of Sweden’s and Russia’s teams at Eurovision. Last year, he was one of Robin Bengtsson’s backing dancers and in 2016, he was part of Sergey Lazarev’s act.

What do you think about Alexander Rybak’s Eurovision 2018 Jam and are you excited for his act in Lisbon? Let us know in the comments below!

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lasse ruud

I RELLY WANT NORGE TO TAKE THE !: PLACE. HEJA NORGE HEJA tyrkey too. Soo we have to go to oslo next year. yess. its only 1,15 our from sweden, swedboy loves Norway and some few songs ar sweden and France. so no1 fr2 se.3

L'oiseau (real=light blue)
L'oiseau (real=light blue)

This is great! I really enjoyed how he feels the songs. This guy is great!

Purple Mask

So great that I want to get on my knee and service him. Give him the best time of his life.


One of the most talented artists, and noone has the charisma and spirit that he has. He deserves to be back and i hope he wins! Btw, treat ppl with respect ppl!

Kit Kat

It’s too bad he won’t win… IMO his song is really not strong enough to the huuuuge talent he has!!! Sad …he’s really nice .


I’d be super happy if Claudia and Isaura released a version of O Jardim with Alexander’s violin!


This song are not gonna winn. And how should Jon Ola Sand do to help Norway to winn? This song are not good. 1.5/10


Love it when he does stuff like this!
If any of you Wiwi guys gets an interview with Alvaro, get him to sing Bedroom yeah?


Portugal song sounded so pretty with that violin

Henrikh Mugosa

It would be a disgrace if Norway were to win in 2018! Rybak is a nice guy, he is a charismatic performer, but this song is no Fairytale.


It’s very clear that the ebu and jon ola sand planning a Norwegian victory.
This guy didn’t attend at any of the parties but his stupid face and song was the background of each article in youtube at esc channel.
It’s scandal !!!!!
Remember where you read it first.


There is a reason he couldn’t attend, it’s not like he didn’t want to. Stop being a mean person.

Renske ten Veen

I think that one of the main reasons why he did not attend any pre-parties was that he just did not expect to be selected and you could clearly see the surprise in his face when he was winning MGP.


Another great video from someone that clearly knows what the Eurovision’s spirit is about.


OMG Portugal’s cover was so beautiful!!
I wish they adapted the violin!!


HEY GUYS i just found out something to say to alexander:
that’s how you DON’T write a song HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA


Won’t You just grow Up and learn how to behave 🙁 You only make yourself sound like a total jackass with your comments, which maybe you are.


Franka! Go crazy <3


Lisa Børud is an excellent choice; I hope she considers participating herself next year!
Heia Alexander???


Very very talented!

Some countries should consider a revamp with Alexander’s fiddle! I really loved the interpretation for Franka and ‘Crazy’ and Cláudia with her ‘O Jardim’.

Beautiful job!