Hunkalicious! Cesár Sampson — Austria’s Eurovision 2018 representative — has been on the Eurovision stage twice before. Both times as a backing singer with Bulgaria, first for Poli Genova and then for Kristian Kostov.

He was announced as the leading man for Austria way back in December. His entry “Nobody But You” landed in March. And he has been on the road virtually ever since.

Speaking to wiwibloggs at the London Eurovision Party,  Cesár shared the details of his selection:

“I don’t know. I got coerced and lured into Eurovision.” Every year, I was more into it, and every year I was warming up to the idea. And everybody kept prompting me, telling me that you should do something, you should do something and it got to the point where my friend even changed my twitter password to IWillRepresentAustriaAtEurovision2018″.

Cesar tells us that the first part of the song was created in May 2016 while he was still on a high from supporting Bulgaria’s Poli Genova at Eurovision in Stockholm. He talks about competing against some of his friends, most notably Bulgaria’s Equinox.

Regarding the advice he received from his Austrian predecessors, Zoë and Nathan Trent, Cesár says “They told me two things. They said have fun and enjoy, never leave that out of sight. They also told me to win it.”

A short while later, we caught up with Cesár once more. At Israel Calling in Tel Aviv he tells us about his spirituality beliefs, filming his postcard in Portugal and working with his stage director Marvin Dietmann.

What do you think about “Nobody But You”? Can Cesár make the final — or could he even give Austria their third win? Let us know in the comments section below.


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Remy Hauge

Interesting interview and a great song from Austria. I don’t know who that old black woman was but I wish her the best.


Off topic but he’s a sexy f****r isn’t he? ?

Henrikh Mugosa

He’s he gay, straight, bi, unknown?


He is the best black singer this year!

P!nk Forever

Marvin Dietmann is responsible for Levina‘s performance last year. I just hope for Cesár that it won‘t turn out as lackluster. It was too clean, it was too polished. Possibly why Levina ended up at bottom place.


It’s easy to say: “Win it!” 😀 Actually, I wouldn’t bet on Austria this year, neither is Cesar amongst my favourites, but I wouldn’t mind if he won. I like his song, it’s a good composition, and Cesar is a talented, nice guy. Dark horse maybe?


Wiwibloggs, could you possibly provide a list of stage directors for esc 2018 acts?

Henrikh Mugosa

Isn’t Sacha Jean Baptiste doing half of them?