He’s singing “Our Choice” in tomorrow night’s first semi-final. And following his first rehearsal, Iceland’s Ari Ólafsson caught up with our William.

“The rehearsal was great”, Ari says. “Coming from a crazy flight and it was early in the morning, but still you always need to up yourself”.

Ari is impressed:”This is unlike anything else. This is the huge stage. The arena is beautiful and so empowering”.

His outfit is designed to represent the complexity of life: “the red is the lava underneath and the rest (the white colour), the ice underneath. It represents like complicated pain: the stories that we have like pain, love and sorrow”.

“There have been difficult choices for me. Like keeping my emotions in, even righteous anger”.

Ari concludes with a classy Stevie Wonder cover.

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He is cute and all that, but his song is too weak even for this lowbrow contest. We could all give sympathy votes to him but would that make him proud in the end? It is much better to go home as a man’s-man than to gather pity votes.


Which Stevie Wonder song did Ari sing at the end of the interview?


Signed, Sealed, Delivered


He’s so nice… I think he would be good in Broadway or something.


I like him. I like his song. But his presentation is weak. And his outfit is weird…