If there’s one thing we can never get enough of, it’s new music from some of our favourite Eurovision alumni. In this latest round-up, we take a look at the new releases from Sunstroke Project, Francesa Michielin, Cleo, Aminata, Iveta Mukuchyan and Donny Montell.

Sunstroke Project – “I Want You” (ft. Broono)

Our favourite Moldovan trio have been busy in the studio and recently released “I Want You”, which features rapper Broono. While not as infectiously catchy as Sunstroke Project’s Eurovision 2017 hit “Hey Mamma”, it’s still a great little bop and a nice addition to anyone’s summer playlist. Lead vocalist Sergei Yalovitsky sings to a woman who he’s falling deeper and deeper in love for. But naturally, the song wouldn’t be complete without a saxophone instrumental break in the chorus, giving Epic Sax Guy (Sergey Stepanov) his moment to shine.

Francesca Michielin – “Bolivia”, “Tropicale” and “Fotografia” (with Carl Brave and Fabri Fibra)

Her 2017 single “Vulcano” reached the number two spot on the countdown of wiwibloggs’ top-tracks of last year, and now Francesca Michielin has released a couple of other songs from her third studio album 2640, which dropped in January this year. The first of these was “Bolivia”, which sees the Italian singer wanting to head to the South American country to be in solitude: “Take me to Bolivia to change everything / I’ll turn off the cellphone / I’ll be free and independent / Mom, no / I don’t need anything”. The music video shows Francesca rocking braided hair and getting married in a peculiar ceremony involving badminton rackets and American football helmets, before heading onto a plane that has been overrun with plants and greenery.

Continuing the tropical theme, Francesca’s latest release from the album is “Tropicale”. Rather than heading off to an exotic destination though, the music video sees the “No Degree of Separation” singer performing in an empty warehouse with three sets of dancers donning blue, red and green clothing. We also see her using a small looper system attached to a microphone — although whether she was necessarily inspired by reigning Eurovision winner Netta is up for debate.

Not just focusing on her own solo work though, Francesca has also found time to feature on “Fotografia” (“Photography”), a song by Italian rapper Carl Brave that also features Fabri Fibra. The music video has the three artists drawn as Simpson-style cartoons as they perform on a bridge and bring up various objects related to the lyrics of the song. A laid-back mid-tempo number, the Eurovision 2016 singer adds her smooth vocals to the chorus and bridge.

Cleo – “Łowcy Gwiazd” and “EVA” (ft. Mesajah)

Before she revamped it for her World Cup anthem “Łowcy”, Eurovision 2014 singer Cleo originally released “Łowcy Gwiazd” (“Star Hunters”) in February this year. With 41.9 million views on YouTube and over 1 million Spotify streams since its release, the single has become one of her biggest hits to date. With a strong and powerful opening, the song grips you from the start, as Cleo sings about dancing the night away and finding the stars within ourselves: “We’re supernatural, intransient, full of strength, / although we don’t get enough sleep, it means nothing to us, the night is us. / In the day, don’t look for the stars. / At night, they’re you and me / when everybody sleeps.”

The music video sees the “My Słowianie” singer wearing an impressive headdress and leading a clan of strong, bad-ass women. Perhaps a slightly random moment in the dystopian-styled video is the Coca-Cola product placement. But hey, even fierce warrior leaders need a way of paying for their flame-wielding acrobats.

Cleo’s latest release is “EVA” and features Polish singer Mesajah. The song sees the Eurovision star missing her man and comparing herself to the biblical character of Eve: “You got it / I have it / do not take me away / to be so close is not a sin / I’m like Eve, Eve / I’m losing paradise”. Serving body from the very start, the music video is also set in a mystical paradise location, with the Polish star bathing in a waterfall, swinging from a rope swing and discovering golden coloured fruit. From which airport can we go catch a flight to join her in paradise?!

Aminata – “Zero Love”

While Latvia may be struggling to qualify for the Eurovision grand final without her, Eurovision 2015 singer Aminata is forging ahead with her own career. Continuing her edgy pop stylings, “Zero Love” sees her singing to a person who she wants to be with, but doesn’t want to show this to the other party: “I want your love / But you never know / Keep showing, I got zero love”. In the music video, we see the “Love Injected” hitmaker strutting her stuff in a series of red, yellow and black outfits. There’s even a resemblance to The Humans’ Eurovision 2018 staging for Romania as she walks in between a series of mannequins in a warehouse.

Aminata has teased that this is the first part of a trilogy. So keep an eye out for the other parts, with song number two, “Don’t Talk About It”, out soon.

Iveta Mukuchyan – “Siraharvel em qez”

Iveta Mukuchyan’s latest release is the emotional ballad “Siraharvel em qez” (“I Fell In Love With You”). The Armenian star sings of a man who she has fallen completely head over heels for: “I lose myself because of your kisses / I don’t submit to anyone, but with you…I’ve fallen in love with you / I’m not on the ground anymore / I’m defenceless”. The music video shows the “Lovewave” singer with this man and the joy they have when together, even losing gravity and beginning to fly when they kiss. While the ballad may not appeal to every Eurovision fan, Iveta’s vocal ability once again goes without question and really sores in the final chorus.

Donny Montell – “Don’t You Know” (with Radistai DJ’s) and “Žiūrėk ką padarei”

If you want something more upbeat however, then Lithuania’s Donny Montell has you covered, providing vocals for Radistai DJ’s latest song “Don’t You Know”. The track sees the artists join together to give you a song to get up and dance to, whether at home or out for the night. The music video echoes this, with two best friends hanging out for the day before heading to Donny’s and Radistai DJ’s concert. The two girls manage to make their way onto stage and even head off backstage afterwards to continue the party with the artists. Let’s hope security isn’t always that relaxed at Donny’s concerts!

Donny’s latest solo release is “Žiūrėk ką padarei” (“See What You Did”). Rocking pink-coloured hair, the “I’ve Been Waiting For this Night” singer puts his Eurovision’s Next Top Male Model winning body to good use by performing the majority of the music video without a shirt on. And for those of you who are fans of your Eurovision clichés, we’re also treated to a burning piano. The song itself is a great contemporary number that allows Donny to develop on the harder ‘bad-boy’ image from December’s “Nieko Verta” compared to his more upbeat pop/dance back catalogue.

So what do you make of these latest releases from Eurovision artists? Which songs are you loving? Let us know by commenting down below!

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Thank Wiwibloggs, interesting. Check out Isaura, also. She has launched her first album.


Donny always relase good music. He never seem to disappoint me!!


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WHAT kind of new releases are those? APRIL, MAY Christe, do you know what NEW means?


They were a little busy during those months reporting on the actual contest.


Aminata has lost her mojo, but she still rocks the fandom. All those fake contests on Twitter have her as the Latvian representative lol.