The favorite: Azerbaijan’s Safura

Azerbaijan’s Safura may have been displaced by Germany’s Lena in the bookies’ race to win Eurovision, but fortunately for the Drip Drop singer Germany has an automatic bid to the final. That means Safura can compete in the second semi-final on May 27 confident that she’s the baddest chick this side of Baku. On May 27, at least. Werq it, gurl!

As of April 3, London-based bookies have Safura as the 9/4 favorite to win the second semi-final. Israel’s Harek Skaat, who would make lovely children should he ever choose to reproduce, is second at 3. Denmark’s Chanee–the only contestant of Thai descent in this year’s contest–is currently listed in third with her musical partner Thomas N’evergreen.

What do y’all think? Will Azerbaijan hold off Israel to win the second semi-final? Or will Denmark turn out to be a dark horse? Wiwi loves a good duet.

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12 years ago

bad song from Spain

13 years ago

Azerbaijan Still first.YEAAAAAAAAAH