I like the concept of Milan and his dancers emerging from these oversized light fixtures, but they look kind of cheap (you can see them wobbling). Hopefully when the lights are dimmed during the actual competition the dancers will cast better shadows. “We want to look like candies from a candy shop, just sweet,” he told reporters afterwards. So he wants fans to want to lick him, eh? (See shirtless photos here.)

Milan has done a lot of good work improving his dancing. He manages to keep up with his back-up dancers (unlike at the Serbian national final). Besides being more modern and less Serbian village, the moves are sexy and fit the music well. The Serbs won’t be wearing the pink-and-purple dress-down uniforms during their semi-final performance. Milan says he’ll be wearing a blue jeweled coat. His dancers will wear bubble wrap.

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12 years ago

If only I knew how the performance would be… I’m really intrigued…