It takes a lot of courage to sing a song about a piece of fruit. And it takes a lot of talent to make it work. And boy does Eva make it work! Wiwi can’t get enough of this long-legged beauty and he’s never going to get over her resemblance to Angelina Jolie. Below are a series of interviews in English and Armenian. Enjoy!

Interview with in Oslo after her first rehearsal. Her aim is to “go back to my motherland and to be sure that everybody is under the impression of my performance.” Apparently her hair is real, and she has a tattoo of a fairy and a butterfly. Love this woman! Interview in English.

Speaking with After Eurovision she plans to travel across Europe planting Armenian trees. “It’s a good idea to make a gift, a little Armenia to all the countries.” In English.

Speaking with Greece’s, she says that her producers withheld information about her stage performance from her so she could focus on the music. Apparently she is friends with Armenian Eurovision queen Sirusho. She looks shocked when the interviewer suggests that Junior Eurovision is abusive. Interview In English.

This is in Armenian. Wiwi’s Armenian is a bit rusty, so you’re on your own with this one.

Interview in Armenian. What’s she saying, y’all? Great footage of her when she was younger.

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13 years ago

ilove you my eva.

Narek from Armenia
Narek from Armenia
13 years ago

Armenia loves you Eva Rivas!

13 years ago

Deffenetly LOVE 😛
And A winner as well !
I hope sje winns and that everybody supports her.