Towards the end of tonight’s semi-final, producers played clips of each of the Big 4 nations + Norway on the big screens. Crowds in the Telenor Arena reacted most strongly to France’s Jessy Matador, the only contestant who uses the words “butt” and “salty” this year:

Darling, you must get up and move your butt. Dancing, squeezed tight for a salty kiss. Take me by the hand, make me weak. Lala, it will heat up, I feel the stuff up.

He’s also the only contestant to take Eurovision outside of Europe, mixing Caribbean, African and American influences in his music. The more Wiwi hears his song, the more Wiwi thinks that Jessy could crack the Top 10 and bring a bit of glory back to France. It helps that in the final his upbeat tune “Allez! Ola! Ole!” will follow Alyosha’s “Sweet People”—the rock dirge about environmental destruction and nuclear holocaust.

On Wednesday, Jessy threw a boat party in Oslo. He stands on the deck and dances and shakes his rather juicy bottom. Britain’s Josh Dubovie tries to get down on it in a corner, but he looks a bit wooden. Here’s footage:

And here’s Jessy during his second rehearsal.

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13 years ago

I am convinced this song would have scored much higher if it wasn’t for the judges accounting for half the votes. Musically and lyrically, the song is technically not that good.
However this song was very well received by the crowds of many countries, it got #6 on the European singles chart. Im convinced the public liked him more than the judges. Will we ever have access to those records??!!

14 years ago

la france =gitanes. ca c’est pour les connaiseurs