Safura is Azerbaijan’s strongest-ever Eurovision entry, a fixture on Eurovision blogs and news sites and the bookies’ favorite. Even so, British songwriter Peter Waterman says he can’t understand what all the fuss is about. Speaking on BBC radio’s Ken Bruce show this morning, Waterman dismissed the Azeri entry.

I heard the favourite that everyone’s talking about [Azerbaijan]. I’m sorry but if that’s the favourite then we have a fighting chance. If that’s the best they can do then erm… yeah! Do you know they’ve spent a million dollars? It’s not about spending money. We spent £100.

We need to get this man some immodium pronto because he is spewing verbal diarrhea. Josh can sing—no doubt about that. But his song “That Sounds Good To Me” is total cliché:

So if you bring the sunshine, I’ll bring the good times
Just add your laughter, it’s happy-ever-after
I don’t know about you but that sounds good to me

You can compare Azerbaijan to the United Kingdom below. It’s really no contest….

Bad song:

Better song:

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13 years ago

I was at the final dress rehersal. What a show this will be!! Even though I think the odds are against the Azerbaijan entry, I must say they made a fine performance. Lena sang fine, but I have heard a better sound mix. However, they have a few hours for adjustments. But so many artists performed well – including Josh Dubovie for the United Kingdom, Haral Skaat for Israel and Milan Stankovic for Serbia. Greece received a great applaus!