Is Stella Mwangi the contestant to beat in Norway?

Is the competition in Norway actually a competition? Not if you believe the odds put down by betting agency Unibet. They’ve got Stella Mwangi—the Kenyan-born beauty and winner of Melodi Grand Prix Semi-Final 3—as the runaway favorite to represent Norway at Eurovision 2011. At the moment, Mwangi is the 1/4 favorite. The second most-likely contestant Babel Fish are at a distance 11, followed by Helene Boksle (12), The Blacksheeps (14), Aste and Rikke (16), Hanne Sorvag (16), The Lucky Bullets (54), and Sie Gubba (74). This marks a sharp departure from the odds released on December 28, which had Stella listed as the 12th most likely to win. At that time the Blacksheeps, the former winners of Nordic Grand Prix, were the red hot favorites.

You can watch all of the finalists below, and then cast your vote in Wiwi’s poll. Voting ends Friday, February 11 at midnight—the night before the Norwegian final.

Semi-Final 1 / Delfinale 1:

Helene Bøksle – Vardlokk

Aste & Rikke – Not That Easy (Ah-Ah-Ah-Ah)

Semi-Final 2 / Delfinale 2:

Babel Fish – Depend on Me

Hanne Sørvaag – You’re Like a Melody

Semi-Final 3 / Delfinale 3:

Stella Mwangi – Haba Haba

The BlackSheeps – Dance Tonight

Second Chance Round / Siste Sjanse:

The Lucky Bullets – Fire Below

Sie Gubba – Alt du vil ha