At the 2008 Eurovision Song Contest, Russia’s Dima Bilan and Ukraine’s Ani Lorak finished one-two. They may have duked it out on stage in Belgrade, but they’ve re-united on friendlier terms judging from this emotional duet of “Piu’ Che Puoi,” sung in Italian on Russian TV. Finally: some proof that ESC can bring people together in the name of self-promotion and cheap celebrity!
The duet has been a huge hit in the former Soviet states since it debuted back in November. Fair enough. It’s a good song. But the ‘Shady Lady’ singer hasn’t dreamed up a hit on her own: she’s instead lived up to the title of her 2008 Eurovision entry and borrowed from a gay icon.  The duet is actually a cover (one might say “copy”) of a number sung by Eros Ramazzotti and the all-powerful Cher in 2001.

Claiming Western hits as their own has proven a successful in the East, as the duo join the likes of slap-happy Philipp Kirkorov.  Vebooboo and Wiwi are now busy scheming to see what Eastern European numbers they can steal to become famous here in the West. Wiwi is partial to Ruslana’s “Wild Dances.” Love that Xena, Warrior Princess choreography!

Which version is better?  We’ll let you decide by watching below.

(Note: Vebooboo’s Russian beau sourced with this hot tip and video straight from the Motherland. Thanks Boo!)

Dima and Ani:

Cher and Eros: