One day after Google launched its Eurovision 2011 Predictor Tool, Germany’s Lena has jumped into the lead.

The defending Eurovision champ had just 61 points yesterday. But overnight she amassed 123 points, sidestepping previous front-runners Jedward from Ireland. Will “Taken By a Stranger” win voters over, and help Lena walk away with the microphone-shaped crystal trophy for a second year running?

Elsewhere, the bookies’ favorite Amaury Vassili has dropped out of the Top 10 in the Google poll. The French opera star fell from third place to 10th—not a good sign with Eurovision a little more than a week away. Following an impressive rehearsal this morning, Estonia’s Getter Jaani moved from 10th all the way up to fourth.

Here are the latest results. You can get daily updates by checking in the lower right hand corner of this and any other blog page on WiwiBloggs.Com.


1 Germany Lena 123
2 Ireland Jedward 121
3 Denmark A Friend In London 98
4 Estonia Getter Jaani 66
5 Latvia Musiqq 62
6 Greece Loucas Yiorkas feat. Stereo Mike 57
7 Belarus Anastasiya Vinnikova 54
8 Romania Hotel FM 51
9 Moldova Zdob si Zdub 49
10 Azerbaijan Ell/Nikki 45
11 Hungary Kati Wolf 44
12 France Amaury Vassili 42
13 Israel Dana International 38
14 Norway Stella Mwangi 33
15 Switzerland Anna Rossinelli 30
16 Sweden Eric Saade 30
17 Bosnia and Herzegovina Dino Merlin 28
18 Turkey Yüksek Sadakat 25
19 Slovenia Maja Keuc 25
20 Croatia Daria 22
21 United Kingdom Blue 22
22 Armenia Emmy 22
23 Ukraine Mika Newton 21
24 Russia Alexej Vorobjov 19
25 Portugal Homens Da Luta 18
26 San Marino Senit 16
27 Finland Paradise Oskar 14
28 Spain Lucía Pérez 14
29 Macedonia Vlatko Ilievski 14
30 Italy Raphael Gualazzi 12
31 Poland Magdalena Tul 11
32 Albania Aurela Gaçe 9
33 Bulgaria Poli Genova 9
34 Slovakia TWiiNS 8
35 Iceland Sjonni’s Friends 7
36 Austria Nadine Beiler 6
37 Malta Glen Vella 5
38 Belgium Witloof Bay 3
39 Cyprus Christos Mylordos 2
40 Georgia Eldrine 1
41 Lithuania Evelina Sašenko 0
42 The Netherlands 3JS 0
43 Serbia Nina 0

See the latest Google Poll updates:


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11 years ago

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11 years ago

Dear DINO bosnia, Latvia is so going for the finals! And honestly – I’m so sick of all the israela, bosnia, greece &co, each of them voting one for the other without any considerations driven by any bit of taste, all of their songs sound like someone has been tortured on the stage.

11 years ago

Yes. They are no where. She is on top of everyone there. There are some other countries that should be behind her.

11 years ago

this list is awfull…Moldova 9???)))7 belarus?8Romania?? it is soooo fuunnnyyyhahaha…Estonia or Armeniua will win

Chris Painter
11 years ago

GOOGLE does not belong to Eurovision. Whenever I wish to hear my favorite songs I go to GOOGLE without Eurovision and I see there different and much greater numbers; over 1.5 million for Bosnia and Herzegovina, over 740 00 for Poland, so Jedward has much much less entries than these songs. If you call it “Google predictions” then it should involve at least three the most entered Google places.

11 years ago

Why would anyone want to Google-search Jedward is absolutely beyond my imagination.

And Blue with all their previous carrer, international fans and naked magazine shots not even in the top-20? This list looks pretty fishy to me.

DINO bosnia
DINO bosnia
11 years ago

This list is so funny. First 2 countries from list will be out of TOP 5 maybe from TOP 10. Denmark maybe in TOP 5. Estonia only have chance to fight for victory. Latvia will be stay in semifinal.
On this list many countries are so underrated : Serbia,Austria, Iceland & Italy