Vebooboo: Slovenia’s Maja Keuc had a solid first rehearsal today, and asserted her position as a threat in Semi-Final 2.  As she belted out the lyrics to ‘No One,’ this powerhouse vocalists risked bringing down the house–literally.  Unfortunately Maja needs to work on her enunciation: at times Vebooboo was left wondering what language she was singing in!  This minor problem aside, the song definitely builds to a climax. Maja clearly read ‘Eurovision for Dummies’ and ordered a
powerful wind machine. All in all, a great rehearsal and a great chance to qualify for the Final.

Wiwi: If I was wondering down an alley late at night, I would not want to meet this sultry gang of Slovenes! This number is seriously dark and mysterious for a Eurovision number. The lyrics suggest that Maja has just been dumped, and she wants her man to know he just made a big mistake. “No one will ever hold you tight, No one will ever love you like, Just no one like I do,” she says. Given her attitude and hip swaying and power boots, the subtle message is “Me and my sisters will kill you if you cross into our hood!” I’d take her seriously, mister. Great vocals, and a definite threat. Hopefully Slovenia will make it back to the finals for the first time in a long time.


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11 years ago

wonderfull ! keep going ! It will be great ! 🙂 …