In the wake of Ukraine’s national final, Mika Newton made it clear that she didn’t want to sing “Angel” at Eurovision. But officials told her to suck it up—she won with that song, and she would perform with that song—and they promised to head back to the recording studio to revamp it. She got what she wanted—a new version—but the result is lackluster at bet. “Angel” doesn’t tell much of a story, and Mika’s stage performance falls seriously flat. The highlight is sand artist Kseniia Simonova, and the creations she creates in the background. That isn’t a good sign at a song contest. Of course, last year the Ukraine’s Alyosha howled into a wind machine and railed about nuclear holocaust and she finished 10th. What do I know?

You can watch Mika’s performance below. I’ve also included a bonus video of the sand artist’s winning act on
Ukraine’s Got Talent. Let me guess which one you’ll be clicking on first…



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13 years ago

”…What do I know?” Nothing, because you are stupid. Just a stupid subjective opinion in this post.

13 years ago

Sand? So, no wind machine for her? That’s sad. But if an ice skater worked for Dima Bilan… who knows, may be Kseniya can take the award home.

I have always thought the switch from Ukrainian ballad to English howling thing was the worst idea possible. The song in the national final, with a spinning wedding cake and Mika on top, was perfect. No need to change it.