San Marino, Senit ELIMINATED

Back in 2008, during its only other appearance at Eurovision, San Marino finished last in the semi-final. Wiwi worries history might repeat itself.

Senit is a lovely singer. She’s got a great voice and you can tell she feels the music down deep inside, perhaps somewhere nasty. But “Stand By” is such a mediocre song that not even she can save it. The staging, like the official video, conjures up a bad karaoke bar, or a wedding where the father of the bride couldn’t afford a real singer. The cameramen on stage seem puzzled about what to film—it’s the same thing over, and over, and over, and the climax comes when two guitars stand on either side of Senit. Whoo-hoo!

And while the song is an obvious wash, Wiwi hopes Senit will at least wear a sexier dress during the next rehearsal. Something with diamonds and crystals. She’s from Italy — the land of high fashion! So why is she wearing a denim-colored paper sack?!