According to our poll, Nika—a.k.a. Mónika Veres—has emerged as the overwhelming favorite to win “A Dal,” Hungary’s national selection for Eurovision 2012. The “This Love” singer earned a staggering 71% of all votes in our poll, which kicked off on February 5. Her powerful voice has shades of Maja Keuc, though she has a much throatier sound on the low notes (it’s like she’s swallowing a frog). Televoting will determine the Top 3 finishers during the Feb. 11 finale. But then the professional jury—and ONLY the professional jury—will decide who is going to Eurovision. In any case, you can see the complete results of our poll below.

You can watch the final live on February 11 by clicking here. The show starts at 20:15 CET.

1. “This Love” by Nika 70.55%
2. “Sound Of Our Hearts” by Comact Disco 9.59%
3. “Untried” by The Kiralys 5.48%
4. “Like a Child” by Juli Fábián & Zoohacker 4.11%
5. “Learning to let go” by Gábor Heincz 3.42%
6. “Mozi szélesvásznon” by Tibor Gyurcsík 2.74%
7. “Please Don’t Say Me” by Gabi Tóth 2.05%
7. “Vízió” by Caramel 2.05%


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