You may not know Azeri-born pop star Emin Agalarov yet, but on May 26 he’s invading your living room. On March 20 Saffron Music and EMI announced that Emin has been given the coveted opportunity to perform live during the Eurovision Song Contest final on May 26.

Eurovision remains the world’s most-watched non-sporting event, regularly drawing more than 100 million viewers. When you add in online viewers, that number goes up by tens of millions. “It is probably the single biggest opportunity to be able to perform as a guest during the Eurovision in the country which is your home country,” Emin said in a statement sent to WiwiBloggs.Com. “How often does that happen? Once in a lifetime and it’s great.”

Born in Azerbaijan, Emin spent ten years living in Russia as a child before moving to Switzerland and later the U.K. The 32-year old remains close to his culture. “I think it’s an incredible showcase for my country,” he says in the video interview released by his music company, which you can watch below. “Eurovision is expected to happen in Germany, France and London…maybe one day. But for a small county that many people from the pop world would not even be able to find on a map, I think it’s the biggest opportunity.”

His debut album “Wonder” gained traction in Britain: BBC Radio 2 actually named it their Album of the Week—no easy feat for an artist from Eastern Europe. He’ll release his second album “After the Thunder”—recorded with Brian Rawling—on May 21.


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11 years ago

Can we start an online petition for a shirtless performance? Please?