Lys Assia, the winner of the first Eurovision Song Contest in 1956, has trouble holding her tongue. Last December, after she failed to win Switzerland’s national selection, she complained that the Swiss jury had forgotten the meaning of Eurovision. “My song is a beautiful chanson, and this is actually a chansonfestival and not a tonk-tonk-festival,” she snapped after finishing in lowly eighth place. We suspected Dame Lys was rolling her eyes when Switzerland’s contestants Sinplus failed to advance from the first semi-final on Tuesday. And last night, following the second semi-final, WiwiBloggs.Com’s Deban Aderemi managed to film a reaction. Her English wasn’t on point, but her tongue was as sharp as ever: “Well I should have won, and then I have some points.” Oh, snap!


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10 years ago

I love Lys, but this is SO not classy…