Gréta Salóme & Jónsi

Greta Salóme, the adorable snow kitten who represented Iceland at Eurovision 2012, has released “Everywhere Around Me.” No, she hasn’t urinated on Wiwi. That’s just the name of her new song. Nasty, reader!

Anyway, she appears to have left her violin in Baku, and saved her kroner to buy a synthesizer. Gone are the dramatic mood swings and dark undertones of her Eurovision entry “Remember Me.” In their place come bubble gum pop and rays of musical sunshine.

At one point the lyrics say “The light is near and the end is here/ Victory is in the air.” Clearly she was not referring to her collaboration with Jonsi at Eurovision 2012. The duo, whose outfits smacked of Amityville Horror, placed a disappointing 20th in the grand final.

Her new song is below. Let us know what you think!


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11 years ago

Another good song from Greta Salome! Good luck in your career,you are great!!!

11 years ago

I like it. It may be a bit repetitive – but she has a terrific voice – and she could sing nursery rhymes to me and I wouldnt complain 🙂 I think she is a wonderful talent. The result at Baku was disapppointing – I had them in the top 5. But – there are lots of those stories – and unless you win – who remembers anyhow.