This just in: Norway’s Melodi Grand Prix will be hosted by a white man with blond hair who burns easily in the sun. That’s right people. State broadcaster NRK is resurrecting 2010 Eurovision host Erik Solbakken, who, in our mind, could be the Manboy Eric Saade sang about a few years ago. He’s got nice skin, smooth moves, and looks like he is 12. But unlike Saade’s Manboy, Erik isn’t afraid to kiss another dude.

Apparently he also likes to play the guitar in compromising situations. I hope he washed his guitar when he was done.

He’s also not afraid to strip, y’all. Here he is at Eurovision 2010. He takes off his tux around the 30-second mark to reveal a bit of chest, and a whole lot of green velour. It’s so 70s. Next thing you know we’re going to see a really unkempt pelvic region.

There will also be a female co-host named Jenny Skavlan.