Blonde bombshell and 2013 Melodifestivalen host Danny Saucedo is going R&B with his new single “Delirious.” We think we prefer him dropping electronica like “All In My Head.” That genre obscures his voice and lets us focus on him shaking that ass.


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Me Madde
Me Madde
10 years ago

WHAT A STUPID REPORT! “That genre obscures his voice!!!” How can you say that? His voice is fantastic in this song! In All in my head they have more or less destroyed it with the technical effects. Please stop critizing him all the time and writing negative stuff about him!! If you don’t like him, please stop posting comments about him at all! It’s his VOICE that is gorgeous and unique, we know that he has a gorgeous and well trained body but that is not interesting. But you keep mentioning it every time you write a report about him.… Read more »